Date: 9th March 2010 at 6:35pm
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Just a cut and paste jobby to let you all know about the SCSC – Stockport County Supporters Co-operative – holding a Fans Forum on Thursday the 18th of March.

This group is basically what was known as the Trust, but has now reformed and regrouped as the SCSC, and the meeting is open to all County fans to discuss how we can help with Stockport County ‘going forward.’

Here’s the statement in full from the SCSC:

The Stockport County Supporters Co-operative (previously known as the Trust) has regrouped and is holding an Open Forum for all County supporters on Thursday 18th March from 8pm at the Railway Club, Edgeley Road.

A free buffet will be provided, and there will also be cheap beer.

The renewed mission of the Supporters` Co-operative is to:

“help achieve a full and active partnership between Stockport County and its supporters, through an inclusive democratic supporters` co-operative, and to raise the profile of the Club as an important contributor to the local community”

The aim of the forum is to bring together the supporters of the club and explore how best to get maximum benefit from the Club`s most significant resource – its magnificent supporters.

With the take over of the Club apparently imminent, it is vital that the supporters are ready to hit the ground running in respect of being able to offer practical support to the new owners of the Club.

All supporters are welcome. Please do your best to attend. SCSC.

Interesting. Come on County.


2 Replies to “‘New’ Supporters Trust Formed..Fans Forum Planned”

  • Let’s hope it works and functions properly this time. Only thing that went wrong last time was the confusion thing and distinguishing between the Club and Trust Boards – oh, and everything we cocked up in between of course…it just needs to be down to the fans whose on the board and who isn’t.

  • Interesting to see if any ‘old’ faces turn up. I am thinking of those who have disappeared yet were on the Trust board. I bare no grudge towards then and would like to see them contribute as much as the next man…. but getting involved on the board of the new ‘Trust’… thats a step to far for me. Fresh blood please!

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