Date: 28th December 2005 at 10:08am
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With the resignation of Chris Turner and Colin West fans thoughts now turn to the new County manager. Just who can stop the slide and preserve the Hatters league status?

Bye bye Chris Turner. By most peoples admission a ‘nice guy’, ‘hard worker’ and ‘totally committed’. I still maintain he isn’t a bad manager either but the size of the task at Stockport County was too great and I think he knew the end was likely a few weeks ago when his tone changed and excuses began creeping into his talks to the press.

So we have a team in freefall. Bottom of Division 4 as I think of it (and of course Division 3 North for older readers). In an age where two clubs drop out automatically, no longer the old pals act to rescue them.

We have a club with little resource to spare on new blood but run by some of the most dedicated County fans around.

So Stockport County board, your mission, and you must accept it, is to find our saviour. A new messiah. A man to steer this club to 22nd place at the end of the season.

Kevan Taylor (SCFC Managing Director) regarding the caretaker position says ‘We will endeavour to make contact with four or five prospective mangers this afternoon (Wednesday) and we hope to have made an appointment in time for tomorrow night’s game. I know its short notice but this could be a golden interview for someone’

‘We’ve already started looking for a permanent replacement for Chris Turner. There will be no need to advertise for the job. Last year we had 60 applications’

So let’s have a look who is in the frame. From what I hear Jim Gannon is a likely caretaker manager, someone who knows Stockport County and understands what makes it tick so he would be a fair choice. Thereafter? Well, names of course are being bandied about. Stan Ternent (ex-Burnley of course!), Brian Horton (with Macc but you never know?), Brian Flynn (ex of Wrexham), Steve McMahon… the list goes on.

My choice would be a Gannon / older experienced chap duo. Perhaps with the senior partner moving upstairs for next season?

So I will plump for Gannon / Ternent. Whether Mr Ternent is interested and whether SCFC can put together the right package remains to be seen.

One thing is clear. Whoever is chosen will deserve a place in the ‘heroes’ section of County history if they can make 22nd spot by 4:45 on the 6th May.

Shaw Heath Pete