Date: 7th November 2011 at 9:55am
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Saw this on The Great Football Experiment site and thought I’d post here as well:

Well this one should put the pigeons amongst the cats… or is it the other way around?!

As reported in several places, these particular quotes are from Sky Sports, it seems that FIFA in their wisdom, won`t let England play in the friendly v Spain wearing shirts with the poppy emblem on them.


Apparently those who ruin the.. sorry, bit of a slip there, RUN the game don`t allow ‘political statements`.

That is all well and good.

This isn`t a political statement, this is a statement of respect, one that all should show, to our brave men and women who have laid down their lives for their country.

A spokesman for Fifa said: ‘Fifa fully acknowledges the significance of the Poppy Appeal and the ways in which it helps commemorate Remembrance Day on November 11 each year. As a multinational organisation comprising over 50 different nationalities, the significance of this date will also be observed by many of its employees, who will remember family members too. Fifa’s regulations regarding players’ equipment are that they should not carry any political, religious or commercial messages. Fifa has 208 Member Associations and the same regulations are applied globally, and uniformly, in the event of similar requests by other nations to commemorate historical events.’

A minutes silence WILL be allowed.

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So, is this a storm in a teacup of should England`s FA now just refuse to play unless FIFA backs down? Lets face it, after the World Cup bids it is clear no one likes us anyway!

Sky quote George Batt, general secretary of the Normandy Veterans Association, condemned the decision, describing it as ‘disgraceful’. The 86-year-old, who fought in the Second World War, said: ‘I don’t really understand it. I can’t see any harm in wearing a poppy. You surely don’t need rules and regulations in Fifa like this. It’s so sad.’ Full quotes: Sky Sports

These people mean more to me than football (and I`m a football obsessive) and I`ll certainly not be watching the game unless FIFA back down. The FA should make a stand this time.

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4 Replies to “No Poppy – No Game?”

  • Sorry nothing to do with the above but I am very glad that Didi has gone today. Only way is up from now on.

  • As a former serviceman of 25 years I am both saddened and upset by the FIFA stance. How on earth can anyone see the poppy apeal as a political statement. On Remembrance Day British Servicemen, Family and Friends the world over will pay their respects to all those who have suffered or are still suffering as a result of conflict including former enemies. Just a few years ago I was part of a contingent in the Falklands who paid our respects at the Argentinian war cemetary alongside people from Argentina.

    Oh, and by the way I am also very glad he’s gone.

  • Having listened to the stories of how my Dad lost all (yes all) his family during the London blitz whilst returning on leave, and throughout my own lifetime having seen all the lads and lassies who have given their lives for the cause and country who in hell do these pontificating gits think they are, Totally with you NE how this can be classed as political is beyond me. I shall be standing in line come Sunday as I have done more years than I care to remember, never having served I have the utmost respect for those who have. (Just heard FIFA have backed down) common-sense prevails. pity it wasn’t there from the outset and saved all this grief.

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