Date: 28th March 2016 at 10:42am
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County`s unbeaten run came to an abrupt halt today, at the irritatingly
named Eon Visual Media Stadium, where a no-nonsense set of bruisers from
North Ferriby won the game 2-0, with second half goals from Wayne Brooksby
and Tom Denton.

To say it was not pretty, is to grossly misuse that hackneyed cliché ?.at
times it was distinctly X Certificate stuff as the home side laid into
anyone in County blue with reckless abandon at times. Only Ashley Palmer
and Dan Hone found their way into Mr Brown`s book, but that was down more
to the referee`s inclination to let `loads go` than to any saintliness on
the Humbersiders` part. And?..the home team`s approach paid off handsomely
when County`s best player, Danny Morton was forced off, after 55 minutes.
Morton had been kicked from hill to burn throughout and so had Odejayi
,thus?? when he joined Morton , matters went pear shaped rather quickly for
County, as an error by Tom Field gifted the hosts their first goal. This
was swiftly followed by another just 5 minutes later, putting the game
pretty much beyond County`s reach.

They did try to get back into it in the last 20 minutes, but a lack of
craft in midfield rather undermined the effort. Keeper Adam Nicklin did
have to pull off one belting save from a Marsden rocket, but there was no
way through for JG`s boys. And?.there was more disappointment for those
hoping for the arrival of the promised tsunami, that had allegedly forced
Fylde game to be abandoned, and was heading our way-it failed to show .

Back at 3 o`clock and a few seconds, North Ferriby were first on the
offensive, but County, with Morton, Ellison and Field offering protection
in front of another re-shuffled back four, dealt with everything that came
their way without any difficulty.

Having weathered this early storm, County ventured forth , and on 5
minutes things looked distinctly good for them as a surging run by Morton
ended with him pinging a peach of a cross to where Brodie lurked in the
box. This was good stuff ?.but a glance to my left told me the liners flag
was upraised- offside he would have us believe?..well?I was not convinced!

Injury to Josh Wilde held matters up for a while following the last action
, and new man Marcus Poscha was called on to head clear from a free kick
from Russ Fry.

Ferriby applied themselves again after this particularly Curtis Bateman and
Tom Denton who I made the top man for the home side. At this point he only
earned himself a rebuke from Mr B following an indiscretion as he made his
way deep into blue territory. Bateman was prevented from putting Brooksby
in, by Ian Ormson`s alert reactions, and the first 10 minutes passed with
the score still 0-0.

Just two minutes on from that last action and I was up in arms as Morton`s
latest surging run saw him clattered rather comprehensively in the box by
the keeper. At the other end it would have signalled a penalty?..but it
wasn`t one despite complaints by the County players and the specs in the
vicinity! In case you are wondering at all?..I would have given it!

County were down to 10 for a fair bit after this during which time Wilde
took advantage of the open space created by Morton`s absence to nip in and
ping a cheeky one over. It was worth a try, but Ormson was able to watch it
fly wide with the minimum of fuss.

Brooksby??Bateson?.both tried their best to stretch the County defence, but
the Hatters were still not looking at all stressed ?.indeed from one such
Ferriby push?..Brodie scooted clear to plant a neat finish beyond Nicklin
into the net. Hmmm??goal?…..err?.no?..the liners flag was waving
irritatingly once more and the effort did not count.

Meanwhile??.Ferriby kept on the look out for scraps, but Liam King`s
bicycle kick on 21 minutes missed the target by a distance.

After this?.County applied themselves again to the task of getting that
elusive opener- a foul on Morton ushering in possibilities in the shape of
a Field free kick. Palmer headed this out under pressure, but County were
not done, and I winced to see Marsden upended in the box by Hone. Nailed on
penalty? Well?.I would have given it, however my namesake, possibly relying
on the liners help( which like hurricane Katie?failed to show)?did not, and
it stayed 0-0.

That said?..County were warming to their task now, and it was disappointing
to see Odejayi break clear and curl a shot into the keeper`s hands, and
more angst followed as Marsden`s charge to the by-line, ended with Brodie
lifting his shot into the allotments behind the goal from Marsden`s pull

On it went with a sweet move involving Odejayi, Field and Ellison ending
with Marsden`s shot being saved by Nicklin, and another move shortly after
curtailed by the crudest of assaults by Hone on Brodie, that earned him a
booking. With Brodie off the pitch for what seemed eons?.the chance went
begging when Odejayi`s header went wide.

Back came County once more?..maybe this time we would square this
circle??but no? Marsden jinked through the middle so he was hauled down
by the none too particular Liam King. King did not get booked, but County
did have a free kick and it was smack in front ?.thus scoreable!
However?.Field`s kick was deflected for a corner which was something of a
lulu and that was that.

Marsden continued to appear to offer County their best chance of making
headway, at this point, but his run was blocked legally by Palmer on 41
minutes, whilst he could not keep his header down 3 minutes later after
Brodie had comprehensively filleted the left side of the Ferriby defence.

The last couple of minutes were a procession of free kicks to County as
first Wilde then Palmer launched themselves at passing blue shirts. This
was not good to watch, and I was not that unhappy to hear the half time
whistle go.

The re-start saw Sam Topliss on for Josh Wilde for Ferriby, and it also saw
our hosts again take the game to County from the off. If Ferriby were first
out of the blocks though , County looked to be altogether sharper at this
stage and Morton`s run saw Fry almost head the ball into his own net.
Instead?.it was a corner, and sadly not a great one, and the Villagers

Brodie saw a run cut short on the edge of the box by Topliss, but it was
slightly worrying to see Ferriby getting forward so- Bateson behind much of
their work. Denton was in the mix as well, and Ormson did particularly well
to deny him as he was allowed to dart clear. Corners followed as Hone saw
an effort deflected. Midst all the defensive activity, County struggled to
work the ball clear, and when they eventually did?.Brodie was flagged
offside to compound the angst.

Then?on 55 minutes Lady Luck took aim in our direction with her fashion
excessory. I did not see who was the said Lady`s accomplice in the shadow
of the Humber Bridge, but sure enough I looked up to see Morton writhing on
the ground , and absolutely nobody in white and green holding their hands
up. It was not long before he was forced to retire from the action, being
replaced by Brandon Wilson.

A whole load of pressure came County`s way next, and again Ormson did
well?really well in fact?..tipping Denton`s shot over the bar at the last
gasp at one point- watching as Bateson`s header flew wide the next.

County did have their moments around this juncture too but still the luck
was out as Marsden`s latest effort whizzed inches wide of goal with Brodie
straining every sinew to reach it near the back post.

That was unlucky?.and more ill fortune followed quickly on as Odejayi , had
to be subbed. He was replaced by Sam Grimshaw , which offered us options
down the left, but was hardly like for like.

Then our luck took another decisive turn for the worst, when Field put the
ball into a dangerous zone allowing the Villagers to break. The break was
on?..and Brooksby took full advantage scoring with ease past the cruelly
exposed Ormson.

Shortly after this, Field was replaced by Obi Anoruo, but matters did not
get any better for County, indeed?quite the opposite!

Wilson did well to clear up as Brooksby`s cross pinged in from the left,
but again County could not convert an intended clearance into attacking
possession and the result was that Denton was played clear down the right.
I found myself enquiring about offside, but ho?hum?.the liner who had
flagged relentlessly throughout the first 45 minutes had his flag to his
side?so on strode Denton to slam the second home!

There were still 20 minutes left of the game, but it was a big ask for us
to expect County to come back from this!

They did try??.Roberts and Grimshaw pushing forward down the right. A
plethora of fouls, by United, punctuated the County progress, disrupting it

Ferriby were under the cosh somewhat for the last quarter of an hour, and
more than once they were indebted to Denton whose defensive work saw him
head clear with the pressure very much on.

There was work to do also at the other end ?..Brooksby ??almost
capitalising on more County slackness, and O`Hanlon having to work hard to
block a run by King.

Mostly though, it was a case of County on the front foot and ,almost on 90
minutes they almost snatched one back?.almost?..but although Marsden`s shot
was a corker?.so was Nicklin`s response and a brilliant diving save by him
kept us 2 down as the home specs cheered!

Oh?and the carnage was still happening?pretty much unchecked- I pick just
one of many fouls out??Middleton on Grimshaw as 3 minutes added time was
announced. It had the desired effect?.it stopped County`s raid in its
tracks. So?.the tactic worked, but would I watch it week in week out??.no??
absolutely not!

Wilson got forward late on?.missing narrowly with a shot and getting on the
end of a prompt by Ellison to ping a dangerous ball in from the by-line,
but it was to no avail??the Villagers were not to be moved and held out for
a 2-0 win that will have pleased them no end.

After making my point in my last report about pitch invasions and flares,
it is good to report that County`s large following behaved impeccably
throughout- brilliant stuff?well done everyone!

[ Photos from the game… click here ]

See you all at Edgeley Park on Monday then for County v AFC Fylde!

North Ferriby United line up:

Nicklin,Middleton, Wilde( Topliss 45), King, Palmer, Hone, Hotte, Fry,
Denton, Brooksby, Bateson( Emerton 71).

Subs not used:

Bolder, Gray, Kendall.

Stockport County line up:

Ormson, Poscha, O`Hanlon, Connolly, Roberts, Morton( Wilson 55),Ellison,
Field( Anoruo 68) , Marsden, Odejayi( Grimshaw 63), Brodie.

Subs not used:

Henderson, Joyce.

Attendance: 926


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  • Ouch! Outfought, literally, by the Villagers. I see that North Ferriby has a population of only 3893 which is a good gate at EP. Saw the highlights (lowlights) on the YouTube channel but no interview, as yet, with JG.

  • “North Ferriby has a population of only 3893 which is a good gate at EP.”

    That puts a lot of things into context. Next season LGC – still confident we will be smiling.

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