Date: 27th September 2012 at 2:05pm
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The match did go ahead…..

Starting XI: King, Halls, Newton, Connor (Sheridan), Tunnicliffe, Whitehead Collins), Kenyon, Hattersley (Mainwaring), Hobson, Fagbola, Turnbull.

Subs: Ormson, Collins, Sheridan, Meaney, Mainwaring .

King remained in the sticks for The Hatters following his debut for the club on Saturday, I think most County fans will agree that King deserved to keep his place after his performance.

County were put under pressure for the first 15 minutes with Southport having many a oppoprtunity to go 1-0 up. County managed to keep Southport at bay with on the line clearences and super saves from Lewis King which brought a section of the County crowd to start singing ‘County’s number one’ in order to try and imulate Gannon’s team picking skills.

County had a chance from Hobson, Hatterlsey and Connor but nothing came of the chances, County were praying to open the scoring to try and put Southport’s attempts to bed.

Witht he rain coming down like anything and the match as dry as a camels arse it made it hard for any team to try and break the deadlock. In the 40th minute Hatttersley netted for The Hatters, this was from a Sean Newton free kick. What a stunner.

HT: Southport 0 County 1

With County looking to strengthen their lead Jim brought on Matty Mainwaring to strengthen the midfield at the start of the second half, Matty replaced the goal scorer Hattersley.

The first twenty minutes of the second half County were simply amazing, outplaying Southport in everyway, but the chances fell for The Hatters but nothing came of them.

In the 60th minute Hobson played in Whitehead for a perfect chance for The Hatters to double their lead, but of course County could not put the ball in the back of the net.

Southport really did play their last card in the 85th minute, Southport managedto get a cross into the box through their number 7 Whalley, but County’s number 3 Sean Newton turned the ball into his own net…. County had finaly been broken.

County had a final attempt with Craig Hobson but the number 11 skied his chance to put County in the lead.

FT: Southport 1 County 1
ATT 818 (198)

Vital Ratings:

King 8
Fagbola 7
Halls 6
Newton 7
Tunnicliffe 6
Connor 7 (Serridan N/A)
Turnbull 7
Kenyon 8
Whitehead 7 (Collins 6)
Hobson 8
Hattersley 7 (Mainwaring 7)


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  • After the first 15 minutes it sounded like (armchair listening fan alert!) we were under the cosh and I would have been delighted with a point. After 84 minutes I was already starting to celebrate a great away win. So the equaliser took the wind out of my sails for one but after a day of reflection this was a decent result. We MUST get three points on Saturday and push on and also entertain those who have turned up out of curiosity. FIVE QUID IN FOLKS AND AND QUID FOR KIDS!

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