Date: 30th November 2011 at 3:12pm
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Today an injury Michael Paton has seen his loan contract at the club circulated with the striker being sent back to his parent club.

It was obvious that on Saturday against Southport Jim was not happy with Paton`s contribution as he was pulled off at half time. Paton did not travel to Grimsby as he picked up a injury in the warm down on Saturday therefore Jim has chosen to end the loan deal a month early in order to try and keep cost levels at the club to a minimum.

Whilst Paton was at the club he made 15 appearances to the club scoring four goals in the process. Stockport have today stated ‘Everyone at Stockport County FC would like to thank Michael, he has been a credit to both his parent club and himself during his stay at our club. The club would also like to thank Aberdeen FC for allowing Michael to spend time here and intend to keep in touch with regard to the possibility of a return in the New Year.`


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  • By no means anywhere near the worst of the current shower. I did say at half time on Saturday we had seen the last of him though.

  • Ditto KC …NowikshireExiles is a “better fan” than me also !!!!!! the truth is that if I had not paid for a season ticket I would not go to another home game till this do nothing parasites leave our beautiful club. Some if our players are nothing more than SCUM FREE LOADERS…. I am so embarrassed to say I follow SCFC …. I dont wear my scarf … I dont wear a SCFC shirt (past or present) I feel totally embarrassed…. the worst feeling I had was that last night I passed Macclesfields Town disgusting ground and I felt envious !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG never EVER did I think that I would EVER feel that way. How on earth can a once proud SCFC fan envy Macclesfield !!!!!!!! OMG how we have fallen

  • Edgeley, I am not a better fan than you or anybody else. The number of games you attend is not a indication of how good a supporter you are, its how much you care. You and others clearly care loads or you wouldnt take the time to write with such passion on this forum. The number of games anyone attends is governed by personnal circumstances and is not an indication of your level of support. I am in the fortunate position since returning to civvy life from the forces of being able to attend all games, although at the moment i’m not sure “fortunate” is the correct word. During my 25 years following the flag I was lucky if I made half a dozen games a season but I still classed myself like you a devout County fan. The only thing I would say that its a bit like chicken and egg for many supporters. Many fans have said they are not going to EP until things improve and I fully understand that and would not knock anyone for taking that line but rate of improvement is directly linked to bums on seats. There is one thing we can all be assured of is that JG will not entertain slackers and as soon as circumstances allow he will show them the door with one heafty boot. He has been left an absolute nightmare legasy but I have total confidence that he will bring it round. It will be a long job and we have to be patient, we just have to bite the bullit for time being.

  • just noticed the current poll. I dont want my money back, I would prefer they cancelled their contracts and used the money to buy one way train tickets out of Stockport

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