Date: 5th July 2011 at 3:31pm
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Updates from today’s press conference at Edgeley Park, where Liverpool legend Dietmar Hamann was announced as manager of Stockport County.

The press conference began with CEO Graham Shaw, Dietmar Hamann and new investor Tony Evans at the top table.

Hamann was announced as manager on a one-year deal, replacing newly-appointed boss Ray Mathias. Mathias has been offered the assistant’s role but has yet to decide.

GT Law, a company linked with Evans, were confirmed as the club’s new shirt sponsors on a two-year deal.

Evans stated that he had invested in the club, but it was premature to call him Chairman yet, as he still had to decide whether or not to buy majority shares in the club and complete a full take-over with his consortium.

Evans would not reveal the names of the people in his consortium and stated that he would rather they be judged on actions over words.

Hamann said he won’t be rushed into signing anybody, and he is aware of the time constraints.

No word yet on the future of Alan Lord and Peter Ward.


14 Replies to “Press Conference Updates”

  • tony evans has been named as a director for 6 weeks until his consortium decide whether or not to make a proper takeover bid!!

  • Blimey!! just like 192s nothing but jumble sale news for weeks then bang!
    must be serious, sponsors sorted, new manager etc etc?

  • I’m sorry if I had a season ticket I would have torn it up by now on today’s news. A guy who can’t make his mind up whether he wants in or out, he”ll decide in six weeks, the seasons up and running by then and if he pulls the pin then what?. A new manager who has a name (is that why he got the job?). An ex manager who must be one of the shortest in County’s history that I feel has been treated abysmally, how the hell is he feeling just now, if I was him I’d tell em to shove it. Brought in as assistant then given the managers job, re-applied and got the job again and then dumped?????? I just don’t like where this is heading. I may be proven wrong (and I sincerely hope I am). Have been a County supporter for 52 years and I can’t say I have ever felt so low, lots of people will no doubt criticise my negativity that’s their choice but hard as I try I can’t get behind this lot.

  • Vic, totally understand where you are coming from. It seems a total shambles. But maybe, for once, this could be the turning point and start to get things right. At least one hurdle, a shirt sponsor, had been overcome

  • Its never straight forward with County is it. Whats all this “decide whether or not to buy majority shares in the club and complete a full take-over with his consortium”. While I am pleased that someone has invested in the club, I share some of vicmans concerns. Perhaps its just our age, I have also supported County for 50+ years. If he hasnt taken over the club why has he been able to appoint a manager, a manager that will not come cheap. I just hope that this doesnt turn out to be a bunch of chancers who will pull the plug when they have got what they wanted and leave us in a load of debt. As for RM your right vicman he has been treated abysmally.

  • Robbie Fowler for possible coach is the latest. Why do I feel very queasy about all this. Hope this isnt another almighty cock-up on the horizon. Results next season will calm the nerves. Mid-table with attractive football !

  • In true County style one of the few people who has made any creditable contribution to the club has been treated absolutely disgracefully – Ray Mathias. What a kick in the teeth for someone who had the guts to persevere with this rag tag and bobtail excuse for a football club – Episode 10, series 4 (repeat on Channel 4) Directors cut – what a shambles!!! New so called chairman cant decide if he’s actually Chairman, cant decide if he wants to buy the club, no news on signings, no news on new ground etc etc – farcical!! Just hope that Hamman doesnt leg it and leave (the Porsche) like last time. Lets wait and see what sort of investment is involved – funny innit! Kennedy virtually announces that Sale are leaving EP at the end of the coming season and the Council gifts County some land and there are at least 4 interested takeover parties!! The vultures are circling for the last scraps of a once great football club – Rot in hell Kennedy, Elwood et al!

  • Stop all this bitching and lets get behind the new team 110% yes we are all pi**ed of with what has happened but that is the past we can not change that, lets concentrate on now and help get this club back. ANIMO ET FIDE

  • ex good footballer as manager, Carlton Palmer comes to mind!!!!.
    I so feel for Ray Mathias what the hell must he be thinking right now???!!! I wonder what the deciding factor will be whether for Mr Evans to decide if he is, isn’t, is, isn’t is, isn’t, is, isn’t going to be our new chaiman, why does he need so much time!!!, dear me what a shambles this club is, good luck Ray your better off away from this club

  • Whats done is done now we cant change that and i think this will turn out o.k Hamman was miles a better player than Carlton Palmer they shouldn’t even be in the same sentence together and if Fowler comes in as a player coach then so be it he has and will always be a goal scorer!! I say good luck to them all and hope they bring back some much needed success and pride to this great football club!!!!!!!

  • defo dcw1989 that Hammman was a classier player than Palmer but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make, just for the record Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, etc etc were not quality footballers more run of the mill higher profile players but they are not bad managers are they ???

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