Date: 16th December 2005 at 12:11pm
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Chris Turner promises that he and assistant Colin West are doing everything in their power to steer the club to safety.

I believe him but promises are not enough.

Chris Turner promises all the players are doing likewise. I am not so sure about this one. Certainly at times there has been effort with a small amount of skill but nowhere near enough to satisfy a growing number of County fans.

The players have to give more. They have to fight tooth and nail for the future of this club. They need to do this now, not in March but right now.

We are approaching the half way point of the season, the festive fixtures are almost upon us and at this stage to be looking at 23rd place is truly frightening. This isn’t ‘just another bad season’.

This is possible Armageddon.

League status is EVERYTHING. Stockport County can not, must not, fall through the trap door into non-league obscurity. The club may NEVER recover from a blow like that. Not owning our own ground is painful enough but not owning your ground in non-league football where the revenues will be that much smaller will make owning Edgeley Park and regaining league status more than a mountain to climb.

I sometimes wonder whether enough County fans realise the predicament we are in. Sure we have finished low enough in Division 4 to have to apply for re-election but those were the cosy days of the nod and a wink. ‘Let a non-league team into our league at the expense of a league club. No way… it could be us next’ etc etc..

Its not like that anymore. Bottom two finish and you are out. Gone. Cut adrift and sent to Canvey Island or Forest Green or Lump It Rovers.

So promises are not enough. Points are and its off to Notts County tomorrow. They have had their share of bad times but look safe this season. So what of the match. Well we have Easter back so we have a chance of scoring, although with Raynes out, Vaughan out and Wolski out have we a chance of bossing the game and keeping it tight?

A point for me tomorrow and I will be happy. We must then follow up with successive league wins at Macc and hope to Torquay.

If we get nothing from those three games what then? Do we need to think about getting a new management team in. Maybe Turner could turn it around in time but would you gamble on it?

Get your prayer mats out lads and lasses. Up the County!

Shaw Heath Pete

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