Date: 11th June 2013 at 10:33am
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This morning Pure 107.8 FM announced they will still cover County games. Live coverage of Division 6 is a great effort from this community non-profit radio station.

Thank you Pure.

And this coming season let’s hope the coverage gives those who can’t go to watch County plenty of reasons to leap up out of their armchair / potting shed / workplace to celebrate yet another goal for the ‘hadders’ as the team from Edgeley Park race away with the … goes and looks up the name of this regional competition we are playing in…. sorry, race away with the Blue Square Bet North division title. Scoring 100+ goals in the process.

Too much optimism for you?

Yes, I agree.

After what came as a little bit of a shock to me when the Conference great and good admitted poor Aldershot into the BSP (despite not having a single player signed up I believe… County have a grand total of 9 players now) I had to reflect on just what a shambles the whole situation is and succumb to the dark thoughts that most of the guys I know following County suffer from.

The season ticket money from around 2/3 of last years number ‘is now in the bank’. This of course forms the bulk of our yearly revenue.

Did you buy yours on a credit card for protection?

The club that has been losing money since the slate was wiped clean after administration is contracting (in terms of staff employed, probable attendance next season and also general goodwill) and I wonder whether we are anywhere near break even now?

Remember our biggest driver, Spencer Fearns, who had appealed on a number of occasions for additional investment, has stepped away from the club only 48 hours after giving a big thumbs up to everything.

The club owe him a large amount of money.

Then we had a new chap brought in to secure investment, only for him to leave after a week or so. Can’t be bothered to dig out his name.

So we are left with our Chairman Lord Snape (who has on occasion been heard from in order to criticise a manager or complain of abuse from the fan base, but who as remained silent these last few weeks) and Ryan McKnight who has alienated a section of our support and faces a most difficult job keeping the club running in my opinion.

So, predictions on this season range from;

‘We won’t even kick off this season’ and ‘We won’t make it past February’ to a few folk who talk of romping away with the title.

My own thoughts are that we will win more than we lose but surely there must be a real risk we will run out of resource before the season ends?

So if your first name is Sheikh, Comrade or Randy, I think County fans have a project for you.

Failing that, hands up who think the fans will be called into action before the season ends?

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10 Replies to “Pure Still Cover County”

  • Cropped you make the Grim Reaper seem like Ronald Mc Donald – what you need are some Happy Pills because the Brilliant Week of Sunshine we have just had has done nothing for you. Look who say’s Aldershot will be ready to start the Season – what with a player embargo and only a few players on the book – who’s team are they going to play with. There is still plenty of time for things to change – say after me ” I’m a Believer ” take one Large dose of Faith & Courage and say after me ” Everything is Beautiful and the Colours White & Blue “never give up.

  • LOL…. gotta reflect the spectrum of views out there BAM! To be honest, chatting over this weekend I have heard some horrendous rumours. So apologies for spreading a bit of gloom around.

    Take your point about the Shots though. They may not make the starting-gun and who knows what that would mean? Let’s hope for 2 or 3 decent signings this week!

  • Chuffed to bits that I can still get my Saturday County fix ’cause without Pure us out of earshot of EP would be buggered. Have to agree with BAM cropped, so we’re not in the finest of fettle and if honest until IB stamps his mark on this team (if they let him) we’re gonna struggle but god forbid THIS IS COUNTY. Get some happy pills mate and never listen to rumours. As my dad once said to me believe in what you’ve got not what you might have.

  • So we’ve got 9? more will follow, bit mean on Aldershot as we know what they’re going through.

  • Oh no another year of the guy who does commentates on the County games !!! I truly detest his style constantly calling teams by their nicknames is infuriating at best!!!! Im clearly not the only one who has this opinion !!….just means another year of NOT listening to the live commentries on County games….

  • right, what NUMPTIES decided to make home games county player only? whilst this is great for my friend up north because, and you will have to trust me on this the coverage in stockport isnt the best on FM and signal in the furthest reaches of Stockport is poor – BUT here are my complaints 1) am I not allowed to listen to the pre match bulid up on my way to the game 2) where is my commentary during the game while I am sat in my SEASON TICKET seat? its often the only way I know why the officials make such stupid decisions, or who kicked who. 3) how will my dear wife know what kind of mood I will be in when I get home? if its an attempt to get more money, the simpletons have got it wrong again. and finally does the new IT partner mean we get a decent website because the current official pages are absolute S@*@ to navigate round and look bloody awful….rant over…for now

  • I feel for you Local Lad, seems strange you can’t get commentary on your own doorstep, as for up north last season offerings from Player were average to say the least it can be really frustrating when the signal is intermittent or time lagged, and yes this happens quite a lot but after doing a lot of chasing last season I am assured that it is not Pure to blame but the signal administrator (whoever that is).

  • Cropped good news ” Left Back signs for COUNTY “get in there, almost got a Team Now- Looks to be a good signing as well. A other half dozen or so and we will be ready.

  • Cropped are you keeping up ! we now have a Right Back in the Bag – get in son. Ian and Alan are slowly but surely getting on with it. COME ON YOU BLUES !!!!!!!

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