Date: 14th August 2007 at 8:18am
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What’s the one thing that every fan has an opinion on, no matter what the result and who they support?

It’s the referee.

If you win, you love him – or at least you don’t care if he made a mistake. If you lose to a controversial penalty, or you don’t get a penalty you hate him.

So this season we’re launching a new feature, called Rag The Ref. After each game we’ll do an article when people will be encouranged to leave comments about the referee and ratings out of ten for the referee.

We’ll then take an average and put the points into a league table, and eventually we hope we’ll build up a good database of referees.

Make sure your registered, again if your not registered its very easy, it takes only a second and you can have your opinion on the referee. Once your registered you can also post on the message forum.


You can then leave comments about the referee and see if people who were sat in the Main Stand had a better view of the penalty incident, or was it really offside?!

An article will follow tonight’s game!