Date: 28th June 2009 at 12:28pm
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Rumours have been doing the rounds lately that former Middlesbrough and Lazio striker Fabrizio Ravanelli will be handed the managers job at County once The Melrose Consortium completes their take-over of the club.

Now up until now, that’s all they have been. Rumours. But when this rumour that most people laughed off makes it into a national newspaper, it does begin to make you think.

Either the Sunday Mirror know something we don’t, or they read Stockport County messageboards to look for something to print. Most probably the latter, but you never know.

The Mirror are reporting today that Ravanelli has been sounded out for the job and is ‘very interested’. The 40 year old Italian has been working as a pundit since 2005 for Sky Sports Italia.

And with Jim Gannon verbally accepting the Motherwell job, why couldn’t it be possible that ‘Rava’ is the man for County?

You never know.


4 Replies to “Ravanelli The Man For County?”

  • Still in mourning about the loss of OUR Jim Gannon. Can’t get any enthusiasm at moment. Maybe it will pass but at the moment……

  • Now that would be a turn up for the books. Ravanelli knows his onions and could bring in some surprising signings. He might like it in Cheshire, and be able to sell it to may people.

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