Date: 16th January 2013 at 12:41am
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Jim Gannon has been sacked after a 3-1 defeat to Mansfield Town.

RIP Stockport County Football Club.

We will bring you more reaction to this in the morning, but we would like to thank Spencer Fearn and Lord Snape.


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  • Glad Gannon has gone never rated him even when we were doing well years and years ago…..left at half time against Mansfield….problem now is who is there that’s any good would want this job??!!!

  • I reckon there will be someone lined up. We may find that some money will magically become available now. Have to say for the first time, FOR THE FIRST TIME, last night after the match I seriously questioned Jims ability. We were that poor. At half time many in Yellow block were of the opinion Gannons time was up and that we were just not getting any better. Have to say though, almost like an expected death, it comes as a shock to me. And I fee sad. The club will move on of course but no managers departure, not even Danny has made me fee so sad. Thanks Jim. I hope you succeed in whatever you do next.

  • Thanks for the good times Jim. I speculate that Jim was being starved of money, starved of support from the board and was being inched out for weeks now. Well, SCFC board – if we get relegated I will hold you responsible. This is NOT the death of SCFC as the title of this article suggests but it does feel like yet another hammer blow to a very sickly patient.

  • In between Jimbo being cleared out by the administrators and his return last season let us not forget the many very poor managers that we were burdened with. RIP Jimbo indeed.

  • It is not the end of the club. Come on. One man. That is all. Managers come and go, owners come and go. The club remains. WE are the club. I admit not being happy with many aspects of the club but let’s see what happens. After the performance of last night we were candidates for relegation. We still are but a new man may give us something to cheer. And for the record I have always been a fan of Jim but something has been missing these last few months.

  • I keep thinking that this club I love could not sink any further – alas I am wrong. Regular readers of this forum may remember my thoughts about Jim coming back to the club: I was against it! But once he arrived, I’ve got behind him and the team and I just feel that the club need some stability. I am sick to the core, thinking about the possibility of getting relegated yet again! I just can’t see who in their right mind would agree to come to our club )and at least Jimbo had a passion for the club: can we say that about the next manager?

    My final thought: Pep Guardiola has hinted that he wants to manage in the English Premier League. I’m holding on to the hope that he meant the BS premier league and Jim’s departure has opened the door for him…. One can dream.

  • I’m very disappointed to see Jim leaving. I think it has been very much a case of the right man at the wrong time. Jim has shown tremendous commitment to the club over the years and he deserves credit for that. I feel that he has been badly let down by a number of player in the last few months with several not putting in anything like 100% effort. I hope to see JG back at the club one day under happier circumstances.

  • Let’s hope someone comes in quick, I think they must have someone in mind, As for Jim it has just been poor this time around but you can’t polish a turd, we are very very poor at the moment, but his hands where tied no money. So again lets all get behind the new guy who ever he turns out to be and get our great club back up where they belong. I O COUNTY

  • This is the poorest team weve had since Jimmy Melia. Many of these players have potential but potential is the future, we must have more quality now if we are to survive. Putting my own feelings asside about JG, we must question the competancy of the board. They may well have sealed our fate with their poor timimg. Who in their right mind would sack a manager half way through the transfer window. By the time a new manager has been appointed and he has made an assessment of the players the transfer window will probably be closed. If the Board wanted JG out they should have done it early December.

  • Agree Norwickshire. Also the loss of John Fitzpatrick is a huge blow and I suspect the loss of many of the HelpTheHatters folks. I would not blame Fitzy if he simple walked away for a bit (or for ever) but the club cannot afford to lose any fans let alone a mover and shaker like Fitzy. Seems like SCFC is on a self-destruct mission. Have things EVER been darker?

  • How low can we go? agree the timing is *****e but if we’re honest anybody other than Jim would have gone a long time ago. We seriously need to close this door and open another bloody quick otherwise the North is beckoning. As you say above who the hell wants to come to a crippled club ’cause let’s face it guys that’s what we are. A club with no players, no pot a chairman who can’t reign his gob in, a vice-chairman and chief executive who sound like they’ve fell off a chocolate box. Ok they may well have put money into the club and make promises for the long term but what about all the paying fans who put bums in seats week after week in all kinds of *****e weather. We keep being told we are the best fan base in the BSP and probably a couple of leagues above but with the way this club is being driven that ain’t gonna last. fans will drift away then they’ll be bleating there’s no money in the club. Reality check to the guys upstairs, there’s no pigging money now so what’s new?. get your act together or this club will die!!!!

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