Date: 20th June 2010 at 5:53pm
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A recap at today’s events at the SCFC Open Day at Edgeley Park with our new board of Directors and plenty of other stuff going on.

I didn’t stay the duration so here’s basically what went on while I was there..

Mike Flynn, Andy Thorpe, Tony O’Shea and Rob Clare were in attendance. Clare chatted to County fans before leaving, while the other three were afforded a big ovation on stage.

We were introduced to our new directors and owners of the club.

Alwin Thompson, chairman. Sean Connolly, CEO. Pete Wilson, Company Secretary. Mary Gibbons, vice-chairwoman. Tony Gibbons, director. Lord Peter Snape, director. Kevan Taylor, director.

Dave Schofield, chief instigator of the take-over, was given a massive ovation by the fans.

Connolly spoke to the fans in attendance, and the basic gist of it was that the hard work starts now.

‘My old coach at under-15 level always told us that being 2-0 up at half-time in the worst scoreline. One goal changes everything. We as a club are now 2-0 up, but it’s not even half-time.’

The new badge was unveiled. It it similar to our latest badge, without the Animo Et Fide banner across the top, or the green patch at the bottom. The Cheshire Wheat Sheafs are prominent in the badge. It looks pretty smart. Difficult to explain by text, apologies!

Our kits are now made and supplied by Nike. The club shop is closed for a few weeks for refurbishment. Kits can now be pre-ordered. The home shirt is blue and white with white shorts, while the away shirt is yellow and black. Matty Mainwaring, Greg Tansey, and Jamie Vincent modelled.

The reason given for the change in badge was ‘a new start’ and mainly because Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council are now SCFC’s main club sponsors for 2010/11. Cllr Dave Goddard was in attendance and spoke of the Council’s wish to work with the new owners and the fans for a ‘better future.’

Our crest from last season is the crest that is on the shirt next to the sponsor SMBC – hence the change in badges for us as a club. The town’s crest would have effectively been on the shirt twice.

Goddard spoke of the manager’s job and ‘the right man being in charge next week.’

Which leads me swiftly onto my next subject.

Alwin Thompson answered questions posed to him by club secretary Pete Wilson – who, with a massive grin on his face, asked the question off his own back, ‘Would you be interested in interviewing Jim Gannon?’

Which was obviously met with a massive cheer by the fans.

And Thompson, with an even bigger grin, replied that yes, actually, they would love to speak to Jim.

Even bigger cheer.

And an even louder rendition of Jimmy Gannon’s Blue ‘n’ White Army.

Connolly said interview’s would start tomorrow, but it seems almost certain that Gannon’s return is sealed.

Why else would they talk about it on stage, knowing it would be almost suicidal for them as the new owners to build it up like that and then not deliver? They would clearly be aware of the way some people would be pretty gutted if JG didn’t return now.

And that’s not a criticism of them, just a note that they would be aware of that and so why else would they be smiling and laughing about it on stage, especially if there are a lot more applicants who they want to respect?

Anyway, we shall wait and see. Rumour had it today that Flynn had applied, along with Brett Angell.

Ticket prices. Just £3 for under-16’s next season, £11 for concessions, and £16 for adults. Season tickets are priced at £50 for under-16’s and to be honest with you, I’ve completely forgotten everything else. And I wouldn’t like to get it wrong by guessing! The prices will be made properly public soon anyway.

Finally, a good day was had by all and Des Hinks made a smiling appearance, good for him.

Here’s to a new start then I guess!


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  • I was really impressed by all the news from the e.p gathering.The new nike made kit is superb and looks alot more classy than I was imagining,put my pre-order in straight away.Very pleased with the professionalism of the new board and they sounded like they want what the fans want which is always good!! The crowd also made very clear who they want as manager and they understood totally!!!!
    pretty good turn out,I came from north wales to attend and it was worth it.As stated,new crest looks classy and takes the forward steps that the club is now taking.Also good to see vincent,tansey,mainwaring,clare and even the mighty flynny!!!!
    This is the County we need,here’s to the announcement of Gannon at the helm and a great future for the club!!!
    I O County

  • What I still do not understand is what the plan is? What is the vision? Where do the 2015 guys see us in 2015. Is there a new stadium on the agenda? How do they plan to grow the fanbase? Still in the dark…

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