Date: 26th May 2011 at 11:16am
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County have announced the released and retained list for the 2011/12 season under the management of Ray Mathias.

As expected, the majority of the first-team squad have been let go – in amongst them the likes of Player of the Year Adam Griffin, David Poole, Mani Assoumani (HALLELUJAH), Danny Swailes and Young Player of the Year Jordan Rose.

Matt Glennon, Mark Lynch and Matty Mainwaring were already contracted for next season, and the club have moved to offer five squad members one-year extensions to stay at Edgeley Park.

Released: Mansour Assoumani, Tom Fisher, Alan Goodall, Adam Griffin, Matty Kosylo, David Poole, Craig Roberts, Jordan Rose, Jake Simpson, Danny Swailes, James Vincent.

Retained: Matty Glennon, Mark Lynch, Matty Mainwaring.

Offered new one-year deals: Daniel O’Donnell, Andy Halls, Danny Rowe, Greg Tansey, Paul Turnbull.

The right approach by the club and Mathias. All but a clean sweep and a lot of fresh faces around the club to remove the stench of doom and gloom.


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  • Cameron Darkwah has also accepted a new contract. I’m a bit disappointed that Ray hasn’t offered Danny Swailes and James Vincent new deals as i thought they were really good players and Swailes was captain before he was injured, him and O’Donnell would surly be a good partnership at the back but you never know who Ray’s planning on bringing in, am looking forward to seeing some new faces at the club!!!!

  • James Vincent, Jordan Rose – Why not keep them! I’m guessing Adam Griffin, David Poole & Danny Swailes have all left due to their high contracts although both Griffin and Poole are loyal when it comes to Stockport County. Shame really.

  • Apart from maybe Rowe, O’Donnell and Tansey I wouldn’t keep any of the others. This is suppost to be a new start for the club so lets have a new team. We don’t want any of the “WE CAN’T WIN” mentality. I am sure given some time Ray will bring in players that can do a job for him to get us promoted. The players released were and are not up to the job. They have had there chance and blown it over the last 2 seasons.

  • Remember most of these players got us relegated so I’m not too sorry to see most of them go. Thought Rose had something about him and could have done a good job for us. Now Ray’s in charge full time will he be able to bring in the same sort of quality that he managed towards the end of the season (Wallace, Paterson) would they even dream of joining a Conference side? Got to say I’m pretty worried.

  • I thought Rose may have got another 12 months. Griff would have been fine in Division 5 as well. Still got to get my head around where we are playing now. At the moment there is beggar all money so not expecting any great shakes from the new players we get. It is all about the manager. Can he build a team to stop the rot this season? Defensively he tightened things up but who knows if he will be able to create a team with a bit of a cutting edge. We need investment – pure and simple. STILL no ‘big announcement’. Money STILL in my pocket.

  • I too had thought Rose was good enough at the back, Ray must have his own plans, will leave my ticket to the next deadline – but only because I want to save myself full price because I will still be there shouting the lads on!

  • Pleased with the appointment of Mathias, I was hoping for him or Gannon. I think some of the comments about Gannon have been a bit harsh. He did well for us and could of again. He chose to leave P’boro they wanted him to stay. No real surprises on the retained list, although I would have liked to see Griff and Swailes stay, poss Rose although he is very raw & has a lot to learn yet. Those of you still not sure about renewing your season tickets I say get down there if you have the dosh& renew it. You know you are going to most games next season its in the blood so stop provaricating save yourself a few bob and it also helps County. The number of season tickets could have some baring on RMs budget. Its a bit chicken and egg. You wait to see what develops, the board waits to how many STs are sold before deciding on ultimate budgets. Scuse the spelling I’m disleksik. What N*B ed decided on a speeling like that to describe Diswotsits.

  • Have any of the five players offered new deals actually said yes yet? The only one i know that has is Darkwah for another 12 months

  • gannon has put his side of the story about declining the Managers job.
    Make your own mind up but I think it is a smoke screen for him not having the guts to take on the job. After reading his departures from other jobs he has had I am not surprised.
    We are better off without him.

  • I’ve just read that Michael Rose has been released from Swindon. With Griffin gone (unfortunately) I wonder if we could lure him back to Edgeley Park. Highly unlikely but its worth a gamble?

  • Well, Michael Rose and his magic toes would do wonders in the BSP. We probably cannot afford to pay his salary though I would guess. And in answer to dcw1989 – not a clue mate! I do not believe anyone in the holding company (the new ground lot) give a toss about County fans. As for the football compnay headed by Snape (eventually) – why aren’t they talking to us? Of all close seasons they need to be shouting out what the plan is… where the future lies… what action is being taken… why we should be forking out for a season ticket. If I am being really negative I would say there are huge problems at the club concerning money and investors wanting to jump ship but maybe not getting enough cash back (pure speculation). I cant think of a positive reason for the complete radio silence at the moment. Anyone?

  • Nothing this side of the wall KC, sometimes get snippets about transfers etc in the Scottish press but other than Ray getting the job there’s nowt. Will keep my eyes peeled and will let you know if anything appears.

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