Date: 16th April 2010 at 8:14pm
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Time for another completely redundant look at another completely redundant match for County as this terrible season draws to a close.

We travel to Leyton Orient tomorrow, in a match that sees one team that has nothing to play for face off against another team that has nothing to play for.

That concludes my match preview.

I find myself writing this with no motivation whatsoever – understandable, you might say, considering the confirmed relegation leaving us with nothing to play for.

But it’s more than that. I haven’t been bothered for the majority of the season. I’ve turned up to the matches with around 3600 other brave souls…but, as as happened a lot this year, we end up losing and I go home not effected in the slightest.

We normally lose and I go home in a bad mood mulling the game over in my head for a few more days, but there’s been none of that. Even when we were – for a very short period of time, admittedly – hovering safely around mid-table, I couldn’t muster up any sort of emotion. And it’s weird, considering everything I’m worried about is geared towards what happens on the pitch anyway.

But no, this has been an awful season, definitely my worst watching County. And not just the lacklustre performance on and off the pitch.

The feeling of going to County a few years back in the Gannon days – and even in the bad old days of Palmer and Turner – was more than just watching the football, it was seeing all the other County fans mingling on Edgeley and walking past the Bobby Peel on the way hearing a packed-out beer garden full of County fans singing The Anthem.

But with just over 3000 of us ambling our way to EP this season, none of that has been there. In the half-full Cheadle End, there’s no real atmosphere apart from the collective waiting of the inevitable opposition goal to go in.

I’m hopeful that those days of enjoying the whole match-day will return. At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later. Probably the good old ‘Gannon days’. And if not, then it can still work. I realise that SCFC and Jim Gannon would be a monumental lift for us all, and I do believe it will happen. But IF not, then we can move on and find our feet to find some success. But just to stick with my point.

Even with the thought of the Gannon return, I think ‘it’s definitely not going to be easy.’ Looking at a best possible case scenario for a second…

Gannon returns. The 2015 Group take over. Not going into the Ablett debate, but we pretty much all agree that that’s the best thing for us as a club right now.

If/when that happens, it’s not going to be an instant return to EP where the sun’s shining and the fans are singing their hearts out and we’re watching an amazingly talented team rip the poor opposition to shreds. It will take a lot of TIME to re-build what we had, and I’m confident we’ll all have the patience for that to happen.

I’m going off on one here, so anyway, to wrap it up…

We all talk about this season being a ‘write-off. Let’s forget it and move on.’

It’s not as easy as that…the scars will be there for a long time, a few of them will be unhealed. We can’t just simply throw the memories of this season onto the scrap-heap and pretend it never happened. We as fans, and as the guardians of our own club, need to look past the idea of writing off this whole season.

In some ways, we need to keep it with us. To learn from it and to ensure that Stockport County Football Club is back the way it should and can be. Animo Et Fide.


4 Replies to “SCFC – Why Am I Not Bothered?”

  • What you said. SCFC is in my blood, but my blood has been bordering on luke-warm many times this season. A 2015 take-over and the return of the big man will definitely inspire us all once again.

  • The 2015 group with Gannon would mean two extra season tickets from my family alone. The sun would shine, the birds would sing and we would not suffer back to back relegations. I would be overjoyed with that and I will not entertain any Jimbo to Oldham or Crewe thoughts. Time for positive thinking folks… cannot take any more negatives (apart from the next three league defeats of course)

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