Date: 8th August 2007 at 11:35pm
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I interview a Chesterfield Town fan, will Jamie Ward find himself a fans favourite like he was at Edgeley Park back in 05/06?

Tell us a bit about your season last season firstly. Would you say it was a success or failure? Did you achieve anything throughout the season, and were the fans happy with the end result?

Last Season was a nightmare for us really. Everybody could see we would struggle and despite a good start we fell away, unfortunately I think the cup run probably didn`t help us in the league, after we beat West Ham, we beat Brentford to move within touching distance of the play offs, after that though it was terrible in the league. We also lost Folan and his replacement Jamie Ward, got injured, if he had stayed fit then I do feel we possibly would of survived.

Obviously every close season sees players leave. Who left your club and were you happy with the decision to let those players go by your boss?

We lost Alex Bailey, Reuban Hazell, Reuban Wiggans Thomas, Colion Larkin & Paul Hall. All released.

Only ones that disappointed me was Paul Hall and Alex Bailey, think they both had a lot to offer for us in this league, shame they both weren`t required in my opinion.

So obviously, with players going out, some have got to come in. Who has come in for you, and do you expect them to do well? Tell us a bit about these lads?

Jack Lester – Probably our most exciting signing of the summer, definitely has the quality, signed from Notts Forest after he was released. Many Forest fans were disappointed with this from what i can gather, think he will have a major impact in our season.

Kevin Gray – Defender signed from Carlisle, has plenty of experience in the football league, not somebody who will play every week but probably has a lot to offer off the field.

Steve Fletcher – Big striker signed from Bournemouth, probably our ‘battering ram’ which is probably required at this level, again not somebody who will score a hatful, but 2 goals in pre-season is nice to see.

Peter Leven – Winger signed from Kilmarnock, looks very promising and probably has a lot to offer us.

Gregor Robertson – Ex Forest and Rotherham left sided defender. Looks a very good acquisition for me, good on the ball, and a decent defender, an unlikely good signing from what I was told.

Who are going to be your star players this season then? Who`s going to get the goals, and who`s going to stop them?

Up top we will have Jack Lester and Jamie Ward, both capable of scoring and creating plenty of goals I think. Ward is a quick young lad, who likes running at teams and causes many problems if we can keep him fit. At the back we have Australian under 23 International Aaron Downes, last seasons player of the season, fans player of season and supporters club player of the season. Promising young defender, highly rated from most, a successful season could see him snapped up by a higher placed side.

Season ticket sales help the club at the beginning of the season to stabilise the place and give it a bit of extra income. How many season tickets have your club shifted these season so far, and what do you expect the average attendance to be throughout the season?

From what I can gather season ticket sales are doing alright, not too spectacular though. Was told the club were nearing 2300. I expect to begin with our gates will be around 4000-4500, if we do well they will rise by a possible 1000+ and if we do badly, they will drop off too.

Tell us a bit about your gaffer and his backroom staff. Do the fans like the gaffer, or can you see him being out of a job after a run of bad results?

Lee Richardson – Cant say much really, new appointment. Fans are definitely mixed opinion on this, some don`t think we will do well, some want to give him a chance. But as I see it, if we aren`t up at the top by November time, then the fans will turn against him, its make or break definitely. Assistant manager is Alan Knill, ex Rotherham manager, Reserve Team Coach is Wayne Allison, both popular appointments though.

This question is split into two. What do you BELIEVE your club can achieve this season, and what do you HOPE your club can achieve this season?

Believe – I do believe that we can get promoted, but much depends on how we start, and whether Richardson gives players a chance in there actual positions, something that he hasn`t done in pre season.

Hope – Obviously I hope we can gain promotion at the first attempt, just like we did back in 2000, with a little less fuss obviously.

Finally, whom do you expect to win the division, who do you think will go up with them and who do you think will be relegated?

I do expect around 5 teams to challenge, Bradford, Stockport, Mk Dons, Peterborough and ourselves, anyone can win the league, and the battle for the Top 3 is between these 5 sides in my opinion.

Relegation, well I expect Accrington and Hereford to struggle, along with the 2 promoted sides, possible and maybe hopefully I see Mansfield struggling too.