Date: 13th December 2011 at 11:53pm
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Stockport : Glennon, Halls, O’Donnell, Piergianni, Edwards, Rowe (Cole), Nolan (Sheridan), McCann (Darkwar), McConville, Elliot.

Stockport went ahead early in the first half through Sean McConville after making a super run through the middle of the park, Stockport had most of the chances early on but could not find it within them to get another goal before the break.

County came out on top after half time, this only lasted for around 10-15 minutes before a defensive mistake lead to Celtic making the score 1-1. In the time County were on top they had 7 shots and one clear goal scoring opportunity that Tom Elliot should have scored from.

From the time that Celtic equalised the County heads dropped, from being on top of the game we soon became the same old County with sloppy passes and stuck in first gear. With County being bogged down in their defensive half for a solid 20 minutes chances kept coming for Stalybridge to go in front but the Hatters hung on.

In the 90th minute after COunty has taken a corner Stalybridge hit County on the attack in front of their home supporters sending them ecstatic.

With boo’s being heard from the travelling 600 fans, the players heads dropped for the rest of the 3 minutes left and had no chance in getting anything out of the game.

After the game the travelling fans were appalled at The Hatters performance and they showed this through their comments to the players. Some in particular felt it more than others. With a lack of grit in the team it is only a matter of time before County face a third successive relegation, something needs to happen and fast.

I surely cant say onwards and upwards again, but what I will say is, I really hope Saturday can spark a bit of life into the team with the arrival of Alfreton Town. Alfreton are in a similar position to COunty in the league and Im only certain they will want it just as much as the mighty Hatters.

Animo Et Fide!!! – In Gannon We Trust?


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  • I am surpised that anyone is surpised we lost to yet another nothing football team because we are a nothing football team at the moment….we are a SHOCKINGLY BAD team with nothing (for me) in midfield and nothing in attack.
    If there isn’t any money to give us a fighting chance then what’s the point of carrying on with SCFC?? seroiusly unless investment is forthcoming (like yesterday) then there really is n point in watchig a once proud football town be embarrassed week in week out!!!1 I feel like I am passed caring, I go to games without any hope, I get to the game as late as I possibly can, I cannot get into the game at all, even if we score I just axpect that the oposition will be annoyed and easily get one back with little effort. Completely fed up with feeling this way and the reallity is I could walk away from this very very easily…sorry guys thats just the way I feel.

  • Totally agree Edgeley, I havent been to a game in over a year, nor will I go again. We should have reformed as Fc Stockport instead of carrying on like this, were like a wounded animal we need putting out of our misery, the sooner the better…
    Surely we must have more passionate and better quality players in the stands, Fans v the players, what do you think!!!

  • Not an unsurprising result. Gannon has his hands full, and he has Didi and the ineffecitve McStay to thank for it all. No matter the results we must stick together – get to January and allow Gannon to make his moves. We have nothng up front so lets look at brining in a couple of good strikers and get rid of Germain, Gritton and Elliott (bit harsh on Elliott but he’s not ready yet imho). Midfield needs completely restructured and replaced – McC the only player I would keep. Defensively we need a huge Centre Back who is commanding. No matter what we must believe that Gannon will be given the money and incentive to compeltely overhaul this squad. If not, then I really do fear the worse and echo your worries guys.

  • It seems like we are doomed, will we get another win during this season? Like you say FRM may have been better to have restarted as FC Stockport with a complete clean sheet on the pitch and in the boardroom. All seems very quite on the take over front since Jim came in, are people still interested in putting money into the club, are the plans to move to a new ground still a viable option? A lot of qustions still need to be answered by those currently responsible. Why the silence? Looking at the poll it seems that a lot of people are voting that County are unable to Stay Up. I do hope that they can get through this as a football club and produce better times for the future. Vicman and cropped keep the whiskey in the cupboard for some time in the future.

  • Good Evening, on reading the comments above am slightly lost as to where we are expecting Jim to take SCFC, we are all dissing Didi, however he in his time at the club got more from the players we have than what Jim has, and to be fair never got thumped by 7 goals by any of the teams we met, there’s something fundamentaly wrong that is not being spoken about at present and guess we will never know, the facts are since Kim took over we have got worse, and will save judgement until February to see what and how things get resolved both on and off the field.

  • Well said Pato – stick together all County fans. Who knows, Heaton Norris Rovers may need to be reborn in a worst case scenario. And Boothy, I am on record as having had concerns about Gannon coming back but right now if he can’t fix things I really cannot see a future for County in its present form. So… no pressure Jim!

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