Date: 12th March 2013 at 7:37am
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They do say it helps to get things written down to clarify your thoughts. And so with that in mind let me write down Mansfield 4 County 1.

Aaaah yes. All the more clear now. Stockport County and Mansfield Town are clubs that may be playing in different leagues next season, in fact it is not inconceivable that there may be a difference of two divisions between the clubs come August. And so it was no surprise to me that we came away with nil points and that we came away with a spanking. Staggered? Not me.

The bare facts are that Adam Chapman on his home debut for the Stags scored superb hat-trick and the ‘painter man’ Matt Green got the other. Mansfield made it seven wins in a row.

County who grabbed a consolation goal courtesy of a ‘Paul Marshall’s 30-yarder’ made it no wins in the last six. Relegation form? Quite possibly (goes and looks at remaining fixtures)…. almost probable.

So a few months after the blast from Lord Snape that things were not good enough under Jim Gannon we seem no better off at all. We have the now quiet Lord Snape, the super business-boy CEO Ryan ‘best practise’ McKnight and Spencer Fearn (he who came with a good c.v. and good vibes but is now losing that glossy sparkle). What exactly do McKnight and Fearn want with Stockport County? I have no problem at all with them making a few quid if they can stabilise and then grow the club and get Stockport County it’s league status back. Oh, and secure the ground for the club.

But is that the vision our current lot have and is that long-term aim really what they are after?

Animo et fide? More like vereor et ambiguitas (fear and uncertainty apparently)



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