Date: 29th April 2010 at 5:51pm
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A statement from Mark White, the creator and fund-raiser for CountyUnite, a website designed towards raising money for the County squad in terms of basic training equipment which has been very much taken for granted in previous years.

County Unite currently holds £4346.37 (as of 29-04-2010) in available cash to assist SCFC with the purchase of some training equipment for the club. With a a total of £5165.09 raised in total.

This money is being held until Stockport County exits administration after which time the money will be utilised immediately to purchase essential training equipment and an ice making machine for use at the clubs training facility at Manor Farm.

County Unite will continue to raise funds and will be open and transparent with regular updates on the website.

Once the new owners of Stockport County are in place, I will propose to purchase whatever equipment is needed. When this happens the club will be able to utilise the donations and also claim VAT back on any goods purchased. If I were to purchase these the VAT would not be reclaimable.

Should anyone want to see the finances please feel free to contact me and I will send you a breakdown of donations to date.

Thank you for all your donations and continued support.


Mark White, County Unite

Good luck and well done to Mark for running the site and raising funds for the club. Definitely very good to see.


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  • It is people like Mark who are the lifeblood of the club. Its people like Mark who should be asked whether they want to be part of things should the 2015 guys take over. Mark is not the only one of course, HelpTheHatters are from the same mold, as are the folks who volunteered to work restoring Manor Farm training facilities giving up time and money. Then there are the fans who wiped off the grafitti from outside the Main Stand almost before the paint had dried. This is what it means to be County! Really, really hope 2015 tap into this resource and ackowledge some of our fantastic fans.

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