Date: 5th August 2011 at 5:09pm
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After a nervous wait to see if a forthcoming statement would bring bad news, Tony Evans has spoken on a deal to buy a majority stake in the club.

Evans was hoping to get the deal done by Sunday the 7th of August, but now that deadline looks like being missed, the Liverpudlian investor spoke to COWS on what’s gong on.

‘I had a very positive meeting today and the majority of shareholders are behind the deal for my consortium to take a majority stake in the club.’

‘I’d like to reassure the fans that all the new players and backroom staff that have been brought in the last few weeks are all within the existing budget for this season.’

‘There are more players to follow with Didi (Hamann) and Willie (McStay) proving an attractive coaching team for them to play under and learn from. Some have turned down bigger moves to come and play under our management team.’

‘This deal has taken longer to complete than I was hoping but both parties are confident that we will have the deal done before the end of the month.’

‘Let me be clear that I am in this for the long term and have a plan for the future. In fact since being appointed a director, less than a month ago, I have already saved the club £200,000 and identified other areas where money can be saved.’

‘I have also had a positive meeting with Stockport Council and can reveal that work will begin on a new training facility within the Borough in the coming months.’

‘Talks with the Council are continuing as the long term ambition is to build our own purpose built stadium in the borough.’

‘This club has been mismanaged over a long period of time and as we move towards a new era, it’s important that the fans know that my consortium is fully committed to delivering the success, both on and off the field, that this club deserves.’

What do you think? Another Melrose scenario? Deal will be completed? Leave your comments below.


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  • I do not believe for one minute that Mr Evans is another Melrose, Mr Evans seems totally genuine to me and we should embrace this new ere with optimism, I believe SCFC is a sleeping giant and we have a maasive potential support if we can deliver a decent football team and I have not been drinking, thank you Tony Evans

  • Just read about the damage caused to the seats on the popular side at SCFC, YOU TOTAL BRAINLESS SCUM for doing that, everything wrong with society stems from the minds of SCUM who do that kind of thing.
    I hate people who do this kind of act….TOTAL SCUM.

  • @edgeley total agree scum of the earth what is wrong with these people??? and I am total behind Mr Evans seems to be doing a great lot of good for the club and taking us forward new training ground starting this month and a new ground in the future, roll on next week Forest Green here we come.

  • edgeley, couldn’t agree more, what has burning two seats achieved. If that’s how these brainless morons get their kicks then they have the mentality of an imbecile, but then again that’s an insult to an imbecile. There is no place for this kind of lowlife in our society, animals behave better, this so winds me up. Find em and set fire to their seats, moronic b*****ds.

  • He isn’t a Melrose. This statement is a sign of movement, but I will be happy when we get it fully done and over with (the takeover). Thanks for burning our seats Mr & Mrs Gibbons. Whoever did burn the seats why would you burn them ones? They’ve basically burnt a couple of seats that never got filled in that stand anyway so thanks for lowering our capacity! haha.

  • Well said@kremb. What I hear coming out of EP is that the deal is still way off and it’s tony gibbons holding things up as he is not happy about who mr Evans wants to add to the board. After my weeks of excitement, I can see this going all t#ts up in true County style.

  • @iowecounty I have a 60% 40% that it will all go up in the air. On the positive note Tony The Tiger said all money spent is out of the club budget earnt and saved basically. On the negative we haven’t got a squad of 16 and without Tony The Tiger (if the deal does fall through) who will fund us to get in 16 players atleast and then using reserves as the backup for the subs? That’s if we enter a reserve league I doubt we could use the reserve players, either that or our reserves will lack in players for some games. T#ts up indeed if it doesn’t go through.

  • I wonder who is in the wings to help him then if that is what is worrying the Gibbon’s?????

  • Really looking forward to Friday. I believe we can compete at this level. I think Mr Evans is genuine although sooner or later (hopefully later) he will sell the club on. But for the moment lets enjoy our new lease of life. Cant believe the mentality of the (_l_) holes who burnt the seats, I hope they are caught and burnt at the stake.

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