Date: 11th June 2010 at 10:09pm
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Over the past 10 weeks the 2015 group have been formulating an agreement to purchase Stockport County Football Club and release the club from administration.

To ensure there is no time lag between the purchase of the club and release from administration, all parties are endeavouring to ensure that all the required documentation is in place so there can be a simultaneous exchange and completion by next week.

The group are conscious of the frustration felt by the supporters but can assure them that this process will be undertaken in a professional manner and to the benefit of all concerned.

Plans for the future of the club will be unveiled once the purchase has been completed.


2015 Group



10 Replies to “Statement From The Chairman Of 2015 Group”

  • Tomorrow…next week…..tomorrow… week…signatures… some dude out of the country…… cant use a Fax….I wonder what excuses next week.
    What happens if the guy who’s signature we need gets Flu and cant get out of bed for a week??….What happens if the guy is still out of the country and the iceland volcano erupts again thus grounding the air traffic again which is possible meaning he can’t get back into the country.
    I so hope the 2015 group don’t turn into the Melrose consortium laughing stock. Fifteen month’s in administration is a long time we are already nine week’s behind preparation for next season and I so hope we don’t turn out to be League Two whipping boy’s as we were in league one. So next week it is then …yeah right.

  • Hey mikbos, that is a very good point. It was Sean Connolly before I think, then dave Schofiled on behalf of the consortium…. hmm.. my gut feel is just about that we are still going to be OK but I think if this is not done and dusted by the end of next week I will be in panic mode!

  • We are only Stockport County and the top dogs don’t give a sh.. about us what do they care if we go out of the league, could end up being another Chester at this rate. Feel sorry for those who are working so hard for us just lets hope they don’t give up hope.

  • I am sure that 2015 will complete the deal next week. My worry is that even if we get Jim Gannon back, what a massive task it will be to get the playing side sorted for the first game. I really worry we will be struggling at the bottom of league 2 before the January transfer window opens. As for the non-playing side of the club, another mountain to climb. Still, ready to help out in any small way I can. I may even auction my extrensive collection of Jimmy Choo’s!

  • Hope you are right Sarah just seems like there is always an excuse. It was only suppose to be a matter of signing a form now that can’t be done. Getting very worried now cause it seems no one wants to talk to us except a chairman with no name!!!!

  • So Monday’s come and gone and still the sad debacle continues – no news no nothing! I think that even the most optimistic County fan must now realise that its just not going to happen and that the sun has finally set on Stockport County FC forever. I just cannot believe that a simple signature is delaying the takeover – there is something so fundamentally wrong here. Dont think that Jim Gannon didnt get the Oldham job because he was holding out for the County post – he’s blotted his CV by falling out with the powers that be at Motherwell and Peterborough thats why but I know that his heart is here at Stockport. I will always believe that Cockroach Kennedy and Cheshire Sports conspired to the ultimate downfall of this football club aided and abeted by SMBC – I just hope that you are all proud of yourselves.
    Good try 2015 group , you did your best and it was a noble honest endeavour unlike the Melrose bid, but at the end of the day the odds were stacked – thankyou Cheshire Sport, SMBC, Football League, Mr Elwood et at. SCFC RIP.

  • rylester, hang in there mate. We ARE going to be OK, we will have JG at the helm and we may even see Liam Dickenson back on loan at the start of the season. Really. My worry is we will have so little time to get sorted before kick off and may struggle for a few weeks.

  • This has gone from frustrating to annoying to frankly boring now…

    When o when o when are we going to know IF we will have a football league team to support this coming season……..

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’d rather know one way or the other so I can plan ahead!

  • rylester, calm it, I know we’re all annoyed and bored with it all but Jesus that was depressing.

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