Date: 18th December 2011 at 12:14am
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Stockport: Stockport 01 Glennon 03 Holden (Darkwah 46) 05 O’Donnell 07 McConville 17 Halls 22 Piergianni 24 Edwards 25 Blackburn (Sheridan 76) 32 Connor 18 Rowe 20 Elliott

Stockport definatly played a game of two sides today with the first half showing the home side defending for much of the first half.

The first half could have seen Alfreton go in at the break two up after several mistakes from the County defence, with breaks often coming through the right attacking the left back of the first half Euan Holden who struggled to make a impact to the game.

t half time County only had one shot to their name and that was a tame effort by Tom Elliot from 20yards. With a more attacking mindset needed Jim turned to County youngster Cameron Darkwah in replace of left back Holden. With the teen coming on a impact was soon made as Edwards linked up with Cameron five minutes into the first when the County attacker was brought down in what looked like a penalty to the home fans. Nothing was awarded.

With speed and agility in the County player heads the second half look that to be interesting. The best chance of the game fell to McConville after his effort from outside the box was tipped onto the post by The Reds keeper Joe Day. later in the game several chances fell to County but through individual mistakes nothing materialised.

With just minutes to go Alfreton had the chance to win it as another defensive mistake lead to a one on one situation between Nathan Arnold and Matt Glennon but the striker sent the ball wide of the target.

With today`s attendance at 2802 the fans could defiantly see a improvement in some of the players attitudes. County new boy Joe Connor defiantly made a positive impact towards the midfield today making it a lot stronger, but with constant defensive mistakes County were lucky not to have been beaten today.

Sean McConville still keeps on shining and today`s Man of The Match Performance defiantly was one to remember for the ex-Accrington lad. Tom Elliot also played with some more passion today, although the question does have to be asked if his body contains a football minded brain.

The overall improvement to the squad means that the fans went home with a point in their minds, this point the first for Jim. Lets hope for more and lets hope our season starts from here.

Animo Et Fide


8 Replies to “Stockport 0 – 0 Alfreton Town”

  • I thought they were by far the better team and we were very very lucky to get a point . I thought there wasn’t a worse midfield player than Turnbull (never rayed him) but alas we have found one in Blackburn !!!! WOW !!!!! this guy is rubbish beyond belief and how Gannon could not see this until midway through the second half beggars belief. He (Blackburn) was their best midfield player, WOW we are in it DEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, Edgeley, I am going to say it….. I fear even Gannon cannot stop us dropping another division. Part-time football for us then I would think. This is going to require another turnaround of immense proportions and all this with Gannon having to shave a rumoured 20% off the wage bill. Blue Square North next season is a real possibility. Sale off to Barton… what does that mean for us? And is it true Woodley Sports are planning to change their name to Stockport FC? Never ending bloody nightmare.

  • I have to agree with both of you edgeley and cropped I don’t know where we are going at the moment. I must admit for me bringing Jim back as Manager/Director of football was a mistake, as I have said all along. Bring him in by all means but for running the club as a COE. Bring some one else in as a manager to run the playing side. I think that what he is trying to achieve on his own is just not on and to much for one person. As for going down I also think that there is no way we can stay up. What has happened to all the take over talk? It has gone very quite with no word from the club even after the statement some weeks ago that news would be forthcoming very soon. I have noticed that all the talking seem to have stopped since Jim was appointed, I wonder why? No further news on a new stadium. As for Woodley sports, yes they are in the process of changing the name to Stockport FC, but this I understand is nothing to do with trying to become the main team in Stockport, do you belive that? I don’t. There is something happening on that score in my opinion. I think the nightmare is only just starting!!!!

  • “The nightmare is only just starting” – Yes MA, I have a horrible feeling the die is cast as we can only observe what unfolds. Can’t blame us County fans for feeling like that at the moment. The property deal talk has all gone quiet. Sale are off to Barton. No way can County afford to play at Edgeley Park as sole tenants so I have been told time after time. So what next? I really do not want to think too deeply about the ‘what next’

  • Don’t give up the faith cropped, soon be January and maybe Jim can start digging into the pot?? and get some players who would take pride in pulling the shirt on. Stay believing guys.

  • If I thought there was “pot” Vicman then I would be overjoyed!!!!! Jimbo has to get rid of players but who on earth would want what we have????? goodness me WE don’t want them!!!!!. Where is any money coming from??.
    It does seem a little strange that all investment talk has ended since Jim returned !!! is that a coincidence????!!!

  • Good point Edgeley, Am I wrong in thinking he is controlling the purse strings as part of his Director of Football role?. As you say “Who wants this dross, maybe some pub team in Azerbaijan. (spellings probably wrong but I think you will get the drift).

  • I think the board and shareholders have got to review their buisness plan. If we drop another level they will not see anything of their investment, in fact the club could well be finished. They must take a more long term view and try to put more investment into strengthening the team. I firmly believe that JG is the right man to take this club forward and upwards, but even he cannot do anything with this lot bar a couple. Silk purses and cows ears spring to mind. Investing in new players is the only way they will ever hope to see a return on their investment.

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