Date: 18th March 2009 at 9:55am
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Are Stockport County now a shambles?

Up to now I have tried to be as positive as I can but this may be the straw that broke the back of many of us ‘glass-half-full’ brigade.

The Stockport Express are featuring us on their front page (go out and buy one today – a right rivitin’ read).

The story reads that because we owe money to the PFA we are unable to sign any more loan players by the football league. And guess what.. yep you guessed… Owain Fon Williams is struggling with injury and backup keeper Rigby is due an operation on his shoulder.

So we may have to play an outfield player in goal. Is that chappie Proudlock still with us? Portly fella, likes to think he can play keeper? Oh. OK. We may be in the mire folks.

Now, how can we owe money to the PFA? Have they paid players wages? This wasn’t mentioned at either fans forum so do we assume that is not the case then? If so what did the PFA lend money to us for?

If this doesn’t tell us where the club is right now then nothing short of the owners chaining the gates to EP will.

I can only hope and pray that the dire state of communication from both the Trust and the Club has contributed to the Stockport Express picking up on Chinese whispers, and that this news is, well, wrong.

In any event, brace yourselves fellow County fans. Impact due in the next couple of days I suspect.

What a shambles.

‘Ol Pop


3 Replies to “Stockport County – A shambles?”

  • It is true, though we can beg for special dispensation in respect of our goal-keeping situation. Let us see if MM’s group come in at the 11th hour and 59th minute? He did say his was the only consortium that would move without waiting for the club to go into Admin.

  • Well maguire needs to act and now! This is unbelievable,the real truth about the club has finally come to the surface.I pray to god there are no more surprises,I still hate the fact we might not be playing at ep for much longer! What have we done to deserve this??The way things are going,being the proud man he is,gannon will have no choice but to abandon ship soon.Then we’d be up the crrek big time.I o county

  • Come Come. The PFA embargo is old news. The loan signing of Conrad Logan is on a week to week basis on a special dispensation.

    Yes we have be given monies by the PFA to pay wages – how much I do not know.

    The main financial problem as I see it is the repayment of the Debenture which we lead to believe is in a high interest account at the Bank and is security for the Bank Overdraft. The Debenture holder now wants the repayment. The amount I understand is £300,000.

    All seem to be quiet on the Inland Revenue front – lets hope it remains so.

    The MM consortium is to all intents and purposes still seating on the fence. If they do take over then SC would be Chief Executive and MM Managing Director. Where does that leave JG and PW. I still believe that we will be at EP next season, what is the alternative?

    So get on down to EP to-morrow night and support the team – they need us fans more than ever.

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