Date: 15th July 2007 at 5:13pm
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Aren’t there some great pubs in Stockport? Super ales, super traditional public houses and of course super drunken discussions about our beloved County!

I must admit, I had downed a few scoops on Friday, in a hostelry known for its fair share of County supporting loons but as time approached 11pm, and voices became raised, a few snippets of County conversation drifted across the pub.

I tuned the radar in and I can faithfully report the following snippets. Whether they have much substance or not I do not know, but here is what I heard.

Pre-season training and Anthony Elding has returned from training and has bulked up. He has become an absolute monster. He also ‘loves it here’ and is full of praise for the way County have treated him from the day he arrived.

Elding and Ash are pretty damned fit already, leaving the others behind on the running track.

Anthony Pilkington has also ‘been on the weights’ this summer and is significantly bigger.

Some members of the management team are talking about automatic promotion this year (quite right too!) and why not the title!

There was also another tit-bit…. something about a goalkeeper… maybe not this season….er…. ruddy hell I cant remember!

I O County!

Ol Pop


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  • Pop, bit thin that article…. like your hair? However I had heard Elding and Ash were ready and raring to go. Really looking forward to this season more than the last few years.

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