Date: 30th October 2011 at 7:33am
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I did not go yesterday. As I have written; the last few games have sucked the enthusiasm out of me.

In fact for the first time this season I did not even listen on the wireless (do people still call the radio that?). I went to a Halloween party with the kids instead.

Fake blood, fake vampire teeth, fake spider webs. Better than a fake manager presiding over the the already dying embers of a season. Too harsh?

Not for me. Dietmar Hamann. His first foray into management. It is not working at Stockport County. I am not saying we will get relegated but it is not a remote possibility. I believe Southport were fielding a team badly weakened by injury and yet County had to clear off the line three times.

Some have said we played quite well at times in the second half but the story is the same. No cutting edge. Not going to point the finger solely at Chadwick – its the system Didi. Please change it. Agricultural hoof if you need to but lets get some results on the board before gates dip to below 2,500 at EP.

The bare facts;

County played reserve keeper Ormson.

The line up was Ormson; Lynch; O’Donnell; Piergianni; Holden; Miles; Routledge; McCann; Whitehead; Paton; Chadwick

From the sounds of it Chadwick up front and isolated much of the time. Again.

From the Southport official site (nowt on County’s site early on Sunday morning). ‘Southport take the lead after 1.20, Andy Owens volleying the ball in from the edge of the area after the Stockport defence had failed to clear the left-back`s long-throw.’

A Southport forum thread about the game can be found here and some quote from there below.

‘Stockport useful, but no penetration’

‘Feel sorry for their supporters they deserve better’

‘412 from Stockport. We were expecting 600 but talking to them a lot apparently didn’t come because of their dismay with their teams current performances’

So, on we go. Hayes and Yeading at home next Saturday, 5th November. Surely to goodness there are three points to come from that game.

Our poll has now closed. 42% say go now Hamann. 44% say give him more time. So it seems many people are split on this. Given the possibility of new owners in the very near future I would imagine the current ‘lot’ will not remove Hamann now given any new owners will perhaps want their own man.

A new poll now. Given the last time the fans had the chance of running the club, should the fans run the club again?


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10 Replies to “Stockport County – Blood and Sand !”

  • No great surprise with the result really. The surprise is that we do not seem to be evolving our playing style.

  • There were periods where we looked half-decent to be fair. However as you mention it is that critical final third where we fall down. We have the players to be comfortable in this league – get it sorted Hamann!

  • Not a surprise at all. I believe the OXO company are bringing out a new cube in the colours of Stockport County and calling it “The Laughing Stock”

  • The solution can be summed up in just a few words – Hamman must go and take his Scottish “lower league advisor (what a joke)” with him. Or better still if he had any modicum of decency he would resign.

  • Cropped, I have to admit I couldn’t get your angle on the diddy men till the end I have to say I haven’t laughed so much in ages, Cruel? not a chance just about sums up what we have at Edgeley Park just now. I was going to suggest Mickey Mouse but power to your elbow mate, has the bugger resigned yet?

  • Diddy Men says it all!! We were rubbish – we are rubbish – Didi is rubbish – Chadwick is rubbish – German is rubbish – Miles is rubbish etc, etc Hayes and Yeading will be another tough nut, don’t know how long I can go on!!

  • Got my Mojo back. Taking a chap who has moved down from Sunderland to live in Stockport and is keen to begin supporting County. Then there is the meeting at 17:00 after to discover what this YTYT malarchy is all about. We will win on Saturday. We will win on Saturday. We will win on Saturday. Got to keep saying it to get just a modicum of enthusiasm.

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