Date: 17th March 2009 at 10:52am
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So, feeling happy today? I can sort that. Want to think about administration?

Before, during and after the game with Orient the ‘A’ word must have been mentioned several dozen times.

More than one person suggested to me Stockport County have a large tax bill due this week (£125K was the figure mentioned) and no money to pay it. Ditto wages, ditto other running costs.

If true just what are our options?

a) someone, maybe from the Club board, bails us out (although I think that this goes against Trust ownership model – who gives a stuff given the state we are in)

b) Cheshire Sport (Brian Kennedy) bail us out. We do owe Mr Kennedy rather a lot of money and going into administration could mean he would get back very little

c) Go into Administration. The administrators (who cost money of course) look to see if the business is a going concern or if there are parties out there who could take the business and make it a going concern. Our creditors get so many pence in the pound back so potentially cutting our debts massively. Whispers in my ear suggest any period of administration would be very short indeed. So if that is the case either the Trust have been preparing for administration or A N Other party is ready and waiting to step into the breach.

So here is what I think is the good news. Stockport County will not be liquidated. Smashing eh… so where is the downside.

Well, for those who believed in the Trust and put in money, sweat and now tears, the Trust loses ownership of the club once we enter administration. Will the Trust get a place on any new board? Politically a symbolic presence looks likely I would say, but symbolic rather than effective!

For those who like to watch their County at Edgeley Park, there may be an uncertain future.

Asking around I could find nobody who could state categorically that County’s lease to play at Edgeley Park of 25 years would still be valid if we enter administration. Meaning that we could be asked to play elsewhere.

In a sense I cannot see the logic in booting out County as we do contribute to the running costs and it has been said that Sale Sharks are not too flush with money right now.

Nevertheless, the scenario of County playing at Macclesfield Town or Altrincham (if Moss Lane is up to Football League standards) is a real one.

(And the current poll is suggesting that over 80% would still watch County – which is higher than I expected – we are a loyal lot aren’t we!)

My hope is that IF the Trust loses control, then those who take over are able to loosen the yoke around our neck that is the attempt to buy back the ground and that a new deal with Cheshire Sport is struck that gives us all real hope of getting Edgeley Park back in the medium term.

Get yer prayer mats out everyone!

‘Ol Pop

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  • i just wish the council would come in and do something because you dont deserve this uncertainty

  • your right there, we find it hard to play no the pitch at home an we are used to it, the rugby is destroying watching football. Five years ago we were proud to have one of the best pitches in the league. We need the help, if only sales sharks would have taken over Maine Road….

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