Date: 17th March 2009 at 4:35pm
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countyfan4life ponders whether there is an alternative to the Trust and the extent of our ambition


Are you fed up with the realisation we will always have to sell our best to stay afloat…

Do we want to be bought out, or can more be done?

In 2008 Ebbsfleet United , was taken over by more than 30,000 individuals through web site

Each shareholder paid £35 to have their say in the club for a year, and could vote on decisions like team selections and ticket prices. Just three months later, Ebbsfleet United won the FA Trophy at Wembley.

How did they do this when the population of the town is a quarter of the size of Stockport?

Answer, they went world wide with it, they spent some money and invested in a good marketing company and global.

County only really did things locally, they still do, they rely on the public of Stockport and the businesses of Stockport.

We have to think big and stop the attitude of ‘we are overshadowed by City and United’ and that we are making up the numbers in Greater Manchester. The ground for a pound has disappeared, what happened with the money from this?

We need to get Sky Sports on board, the local news, regional news the national newspapers, tell the world we are going under. A team in the third tier of the league, in the top ten with a chance of promotion is going under. This surely would open the eyes of someone with money from somewhere in the world.

We need to do this now before it is to late.


Thank you countyfan4life for sending in this rallying call. It is a shame County did not press on with the links that were established with China some years back. I wonder what could have been gained. I guess we will never know…


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  • This is the positive thinking the club needed before all this crap came to light and before it became this bad.Why does it take a near disaster for people to realise that the club cannot rely on the income of stockport alone???Do you know how hard it is to find a county top apart from in the county store????? Whoever takes charge(if it ever happens) needs to address this and let people know who county are,it gets hard not to get wound up by it all! I o county

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