Date: 4th March 2009 at 8:19am
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So, just what did Lord Snape say when talking to Pure 107.8FM? Well, I dug out my ancient Grundig tape recorder and have listened to the recorded interview with Lord Snape a coupe of times. Sadly, there wasn’t much substance in what he actually said.

We had the expected the line that Lord Snape and Brendon Elwood are long term supporters (just when did you see either at Edgeley Park dear reader?).

Lord Snape was a former director and VP of the club. (OK. We knew that.)

He is leading a consortium of leading businessmen and met Mr Elwood last Thursday. (Yes, yes but names please?)

The thought of Stockport disappearing, made them want to do something and so Lord Snape had spoken briefly to Martin Reid (club Chairman), but not made a formal presentation. (Riiiight…)

He needed some formal indication from Trust that they will relinquish control first (Aaaah, something of substance and I suspect a very unwelcome point. I cannot see the Trust rolling over when no firm plan has been presented to them first)

A Trust member will be allowed on the board (even if we get someone capable on the board I think this is just for show and will not have any real impact.)

The Trust has to accept we`re in a mess and they have to step aside due to tax bill (I think the Trust full accept this point!)

Lord Snape led a rival bid in 2005 but didn`t walk away as suggested.

Could Lord Snapes consortium be able to balance books? He needs the figures from the Trust

Lord Snape criticised the Trust for not living by their own ethos (whether the Trust or the Club board that is certainly fair)

Lord Snape re-iterated that neither he, Brendon Elwood nor his colleagues are a bottomless pit.

Lord Snape was not sure if club can go into administration, because they have no assets, and he thought that the problem with the Trust is that they don`t have assets, thought it was madness in 2005 (with hindsight I think many Trust members feel that now)

Lord Snape feels that the Trust is fine in principal, but human nature gets in the way.

It depends on the Trust as to whether his consortium get their plans in place and meet 25th May tax bill


So essentially this was an attack on the Trust, which was not unexpected but it appears to also be more of an ultimatum. ‘Open your books and get out and we will step in’. No details. No firm plans, and if the trust do not roll over, and quickly, then the club will go bust.

Now, if I were Mark Maguire and had the finance in place I would look at that and think I can blow this out of the water by submitting just a bit of detail and being a little bit nicer to the Trust. Job done.

Speaking to a number of Trust members though, the feeling remains. We are between the devil and the deep blue sea. We may not like either offering, but what is the alternative? In fact although we have two parties expressing an interest, what if neither party are able to get their act together in this current climate.

So, the alternative…. get the buckets out and raise £250,000 before May 18th. Or maybe sell shares in the club in small chunks to individual fans? Or…..?

We really are deep in the mire as I see it. I hope tomorrows Trust Forum lightens my mood…


This article was sent into Vital Stockport by member ‘Kid Charlemagne’. If you have a point of view that needs broadcasting, register, and send it to me at stockport @ We need all points of view aired and we need to get the message out to County fans all around the world. Things ARE very bad and the club needs all the help it can get.

Old Pop


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  • So just as expected,Lord Snape just wants to come in and ‘save’ us only if everyone in control moves over and signs it all to him?! ha. He might be a lovely chap but i don’t trust him.If he had turned up with facts figures and a future plan then yes but sounds like he just wants to have a go at the trust and be a hero for 5 minutes by bailing us out!gutted

  • Lets see what Maggie has to say next. I reckon the best the Trust can hope for is to be left with some percentage of the club but I bet its a minority and I bet the Trust get one board member who is stuck in a corner facing the wall. Tomorrows meeting should be illuminating.

  • a cracking draw last night at high flying leicester,my mates enjoyed it who travelled down from stockport

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