Date: 25th March 2009 at 11:49am
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So Tuesday came and went and no news is, well, no news. In a sense I suppose this is a good thing. The lockdown on information that Sean Connolly imposed (new SCFC CEO) appears to have worked, and the other interested parties (such that there are any!) have remained their usual button-lipped selves.

Exhaustive reading of several message boards and speaking to one mate, who used to be well connected, leads me to think the following:

D-Day or more accurately, Administration day will be tomorrow, Thursday 26th since the football league have set that to be the cut off date for clubs going into administration. If we go into administration before (5pm?) on Thursday 26th then we will have 10 points deducted from this seasons total (assuming we do not get relegated as if that happened the points I think are carried over into next season).

If we delay administration until after tomorrow, we will lose 10 points from next season and we would start on -10.

To carry on without going into administration would need SCFC to receive an injection of money. I think the Trust are largely irrelevant now and that such an injection would be most strongly recommended by the (defeated and broken?) Trust board. There would need to be a vote to approve this route from the Trust membership, and although this option may well be sugar-coated with the promise of Trust representation on the new Club board surely there remains a risk that the small (26%?) percentage of members votes needed to kybosh the deal could indeed happen.

I cannot see anyone other than a genuine altruistic investor taking this on. Has Randy Learner got a brother at a loose end?

So, assuming outside parties will be taking over there must be ongoing discussions with Cheshire Sports. Surely, SCFC can only be viable with a new and much more favourable deal in place with Cheshire Sports. What leverage would the new parties have over Cheshire Sport? I suspect the threat to play elsewhere is maybe the strongest card they have.

This ‘threat’ would need to be explored and certain preparatory steps taken otherwise the threat is an empty one. Hence the rumours of talks with Macclesfield town officials and murmurs of playing at Northwich Vics new ground. Did these events take place? Or is this part of a game of ‘call my bluff’?

Mind,it strikes me that once initial preparatory talks take place, sometimes things can gather their own momentum and perhaps, before you know it, what was exploratory talks turn into full blown plans for the future. Are you listening Mr Kennedy, Stockport County are willing to up-sticks and b*gger off!

So, an information, nay rumour vacuum now exists.

I will put my neck on the line to say we will hear something by the back end of tomorrow / Friday morning and that it will be that the club has gone into administration and talks are ongoing with interested parties blah, blah, blah.

Whether there are more than one interested party is not clear but I think a better deal will be brokered with Cheshire Sports.

I am going to guess and I emphasise GUESS that Brendon Elwood will be involved with things. In reality, Trust members and non-Trust members alike are all in the dark and we as fans have to bend over and take whatever comes our way…….

Prepare for a sore bottom.

‘Ol (and thoroughly fed up with chewed fingernails) Pop


Just thought I would mention this in case anyone is not aware that we are not the only club in trouble

Clubs in crisis

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2 Replies to “Stockport County no news is no news”

  • So Wednesday came and went. No News apart from the Official Club Statement advising no cut price initiative but asking for support through the turnstiles and for Jim and the lads.

    From a financial point of view two away games has done nothing to help the cause.

    This leads me to believe that nothing will happen and that” the Board may well try and ride out the storm” until the end of the season.

    Afterall a 10 point deduction now would have a demoralising effect on the team.

    What has happened to the Season Ticket Initiative? Nothing as far as I know. Silence may well be golden.

    Its time to keep you chin up as your support is now vital more than ever.

  • Well said Silver! Where is the 4 year ST deal? Where is the initiative to get people through the turnstiles for the last three home games? Where is any sort of communication from Trust or Club (oh… embargoed aren’t they). You are right, it is time to keep our chins up, puff out your chest and be proud of who we are. No plastic Mancs us! Stockport born, bred and living the County experience for better of for worse!

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