Date: 7th March 2009 at 5:56pm
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Not a Trust member, or a Trust member not able to attend the Trusts Fans forum last Thursday, but still want to be kept informed?

Fear not as the SCFC Supporters Club are to host a ‘Forum` for all Stockport County supporters to discuss the financial plight of Stockport County Football Club on Thursday 12th March [Insider Suite – Edgeley Park] from 7.30pm onwards.

Representatives from both the Stockport County and Stockport County Trust Board will be in attendance to answer supporters questions and outline the current financial situation of Stockport County and discuss fundraising initiatives.

Pre-submitted questions can be sent to


Irwin Collins (Chairman)

7944 089374


Now I know I keep on banging on about our plight but believe me we are in serious trouble. So if you know any ‘offline’ County fans please spread the word. Do not just assume that any consortium will come to the rescue. Do not assume the Trust will work something out. This could all come down to how much we love our club and how much we can all help out.

This is NOT a time to get into who was to blame. Once the club is saved there will, I am sure, be time for Madame Guillotine to be brought out.

If you can attend please do so. If you leave the meeting p*ssed off then you will not be alone BUT it is what each of us can do next to help that is important.

With apologies to the Beatles, Imagine there’s no County, It isn’t hard to do……..

Old(er by the minute) Pop


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  • Still can’t get to that!!! I live in north wales and work means that anything midweek is a no go but I am getting to all the saturday games and i’m trying to do the best I can to get behind the lads by buying programmes,half time draw tickets,bought an away shirt,donated to multiple buckets and bought the limited edition print from everyone do everything in your power, grab friends and loved ones and don’t let this mighty club dissapear!!! i o county

  • Well said 825 but, and I have been torn writing this down, I think that most of the Trust board have given up raising enough money to keep us going before May 18th. I think now we will have to go into administration and then a vulture or two will pick over the carcass of our club and get the wreck for a bargain basement price. They can make a nice butty in two or three years at our expense. The Trust are ****ed and I am miserable.

  • How much do you need to raise?
    In my ignorance I wasn`t even aware of this.
    This is happening more and more.It`s time the league sorted out a fair share of tv revenue between all 92 clubs.

  • Kippax, I will swallow my pride and talk to a Bertie (and pray you actually live in Manchester and not Stockport, Cheshire). You have hit the nail on the head ‘ in my ignorance’. Our plight has not been made public enough. Its ****ing serious and what with the economy and they way our fans and people of influence are split we may well go down the tubes. Don’t no one under estimate how bad things are! Feel our pain KIPPAX mate!

  • Pools fan here. Sh*te! I only came on here to have a look at the crack before wor game, like Kippax I wasn’t aware you are in the cr*p. Kid C – I do feel your pain! There but for the grace of God… etc. There’s too many clubs with a long tradition going the same way, and it’s time the FA reacted, otherwise the English leagues will only consist of the “big” four and a load of Johnny come lately Southern Clubs with money behind ’em.

  • SupStix. Thanks for your wishes mate. I dont think even half the County fans in the town realise just how bad things are. The clock is ticking and we may disappear.

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