Date: 5th March 2009 at 12:22pm
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Stockport County. What’s the worst that can happen?

I got talking to a longstanding County fan the other day. He was retired and not at all interested in the internet. The only newspapers he bought were the Manchester Evening News, Sporting Life and the Sunday Express. He attends a few games per season but hadn’t been down to Edgeley Park for a couple of months. Gammy leg and all that.

Two more things about this chap.

One, he is a man of considerable means (he used to own a small engineering company)

Two, he was completely unaware of our plight!

I was flabbergasted at first but then, after a few minutes chatting I realised this should not have been a shock.

Take away the internet and the Stockport Express articles and our plight is pretty much unknown.

So what is the worst that can happen?

Well, we know there are two consortia in the background and so far neither has shown any detailed plans. It could well be that whatever their intentions (good or not so good) they are having trouble raising finance. Given the current climate that must be a possibility.

We may run out of time in that case. As a reminder May 18th is the date we have to pay £250,000 to HMRC.

There is another scenario, what if either or both consortia submit detailed plans and the Trust membership just do not like it? I am led to believe the Trust would need a 75% majority to surrender control. Could we see the Trust turn down both outside parties offers?

If that happens have the Trust got in place a plan to raise this initial £250,000? If so what about the rest of the debts (rumoured to be anywhere between an additional £200,000 and £750,000)?

Truely frightening.

Trust members will find out more tonight at Edgeley Park at 7:30 but it might be the case that we need to start marching on Stockport Town Hall, banners held high and invite that nice Gordon Burns from North West Tonight and what’s her face from Granada Reports to report on this dire predicament.

We may need to get the word out far and worldwide and hope that those Mercedes driving, comfortable with life, bulging bank account sorts hear our cry!


The this article was sent in by ‘Cheadle Dave’. If you have anything to add or need to give a viewpoint a worldwide reach please email me at stockport @

Tonight is the night I hope we finally see what options are open to us. I will report on this tomorrow

Old Pop


2 Replies to “Stockport County – The Worst Scenario”

  • if he is retired and owned his own company he might have a few quid so ask him to invest??

    good lucky county you deserve it.

  • I have mulled over this a few times myself,what if not that many non county fans or lower league footy fans know about our plight?? anyone got Bill Gates’ number?? But seriously there must be alot of well off people around that would be more than willing to help out or even see it as an investment,they just don’t know about us and the trouble we’re in! spread the word and quickly i say.

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