Date: 14th March 2009 at 11:23am
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Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide.

No escape from reality.

Open your eyes,

Look up to the skies and see.

I’m just a poor boy,I need no sympathy.

Because I’m easy come,easy go,

little high,little low,

Anyway the wind blows,doesn’t really matter to me.

To me.

Don’t know why but these lyrics keep entering my head. It’s how I feel about County’s plight now. As an ordinary Joe, a Trust member who never did much, I just feel things have now slipped away so far that no matter what we do as members, as bucket shakers, lottery ticket sellers etc makes no difference.

Despite the two recent forums I feel I know only a small fragment of what should be known. Despite all the statements, all the fighting talk why do I feel the fire has gone out of the Trust lamp?

Is the Trust now effectively preparing for a new future? Surrendering control to an outside consortium, the details of which are certainly not known to the ordinary fan or Trust member.

I just get the feeling that all the major players have got their pieces into place and we will be going into administration in the next week or so. Those ‘pieces’ will them be brought into play. A consortium will take over, the Trust will be given a token position (in an attempt to appease certain sponsors)

What is happening to the four year season ticket offer to be available to up to 400 fans? Surely if the Trust is serious about a Trust run future this should be ready to go go go right now? No doubt there will be legal points to be checked over.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Or maybe, just maybe, if we have surrendered, then the 4-year season ticket will most definitely not be part of an incoming consortiums plans. So we will never see this initiative see the light of day.

Of course all of this may well be for the long term good of Stockport County. The thing is, I will have this lingering feeling I and most other Trust members have been duped, marginalised and taken for mugs. Or maybe I got out the wrong side of bed today.

Anyway, there is a game on this afternoon. Leyton Orient on a sand bed in a stiff breeze and sunny conditions. Ball in the air in the wind? Ball on the ground over the divots? Could make for an exciting game. Orient have had a few decent results of late and their away form is not too bad. So that’s nil-nil then!

If you have anything to add, perhaps an upbeat appraisal to cheer up the grumpy old devil please email stockport @

Before I go I would like to thank those who have mailed in with their comments. My supposition that Cheshire Sports could see us liquidated would seem to be a little harsh as it was pointed out they would be better off to still see us as a going concern.

Ol’ (and grumpy) Pop


5 Replies to “Stockport County Trust. Has the fire gone out?”

  • Ol’ Pop. You are getting there. We ARE destined for administration. The Trust has no more ammunition. It saddens me but that is that. We have to hope someone, steps up. I think the Maguire led group is the only game in town at the moment. I think defaulting on payments to HMRC, never mind paying the players and the manager cannot be very far away at all. The gravity of the situation did NOT come across in the Trsut and fans forums at all. Why was that?

  • No just need a second wind, still loads of points available and the prize is in sight.

  • Was at the game yesterday,so so gutted about the result.Is this a sign of the clubs decline now hitting the players and their morale??The playing surface is terrible but county are aware of theire home surface and should adapt their play to suit.Some of the usually reliable lads just seemed lost out there.Administration looks on the cards but i just hope the lads can step it up and give us lot a small piece of happiness to cling to up till the close of the season. i o county

  • 825. Totally agree. The flatest atmosphere this season. Looking across from the Pop Side even Jim looked half-arsed. Leaning on the boards. I reckon things are affecting the team. No money to pay wages next week was what I heard. Even the Armoury was half empty. Did not see any buckets out either – were there any? Think is money into the buckets is now wasted given what looks to be on the cards now. I think this week could be one of the most traumatic weeks since we last applied for re-election (well since
    that Carlisle game where we stayed up).

  • it sounds like your just being a drama”QUEEN” with them words at the top mate lol

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