Date: 1st March 2009 at 5:52pm
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This is the latest Trust communique, reproduced in full.


I am pleased to confirm that the trust will be holding a fans forum on March 5th 2008 at the Insider Suite at Edgeley Park, starting at 7.30 pm. Members will need to ensure that they bring ID with them in order to gain entry.

Following the forum the information provided will be made available, though if the content of any Q&A session will take a little longer to provide. We appreciate feelings are running high however the forum will have to run according to some ground rules, these will also be displayed at the entry to the meeting:

The meeting will follow a set format, a presentation of the situation to date, answers to pre-submitted questions and an open Q&A (

All staff salaries are off limits.

Questioners will have to identify themselves by name (preferably including message board pseudonyms, this is an open forum)

lander and libel are forbidden

So is personal abuse and bad language

Questions that relate to issues predate current TB members will be referred to the people concerned or not answered

f it becomes too heated – a cool down break will be called

f it becomes out of order – the meeting will be closed

This has been an especially difficult few weeks and the situation regarding the club has changed on a daily, if not hourly basis. Following lengthy and involved discussions with SMBC, the HMRC and Cheshire Sports the outcome is that we have a clear framework of what is required to ensure the clubs survival.

We now know that we need to raise £250,000 before May 18th to fend off the threat of being wound up by HMRC and other debtors.

The club are currently undergoing a number of cost-cutting exercises in what has already been a difficult month, but further funds need to be injected into the club in order to secure its future.

Negotiations are ongoing and it has taken sometime to reach a figure that we feel would secure the future of this football club. If we do not raise the money, then there is a serious danger that the club will go into liquidation, as we have no real assets.

hanks for your time and your support for the Trust.


Yours sincerely,

Robert Reckless

Stockport County Supporters Trust


This is all the more relevant given the growing rumours of consortia interested in taking over the club.

I am digging around now to find out what I can.

Old(er by the day) Pop


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