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Most clubs, especially at our level, rely on the love of it’s fans to keep it alive. Long suffering fans of Stockport County have shown unconditional love and affection over the least few bleak years. So as a group, we are pretty special aren’t we? Well, are we…..?

I was thinking about who actually helps County. My knowledge, which may be a little out of date, is that I can think of the following groups who actively help County. I suppose it’s not a good sign when a very ordinary fan like myself is unsure of the facts, but here we go.

Help The Hatters – super bunch of people who host car boot sales and other fund raising events. Free skilled labour and materials were a big part in bringing the Manor Farm training facility up to shape.

Stockport County Supporters Club – I think this group is part of the club. Anyway I believe the Stockport County Supporters Club run travel to all away games, and also have forums and meeting at Edgeley Park.

Hatters Independent Supporters Club. A different entity from the official supporters club. I know in the past that HISC guys n gals have organised various events but I haven’t heard much recently. In fact their web address seems to be down. Perhaps they are defunct now. that would be a terrible shame given they were formed in the early 90’s I believe.

Stockport County Disabled Supporters Club – More Here

There are also many individuals, still just names to me after all these years of supporting County, who regularly do good deeds for the club, sponsor events, buy blocks of tickets for kids to try to build a new generation of County fans. Local businesses such as Parfetts and RESB have been supporting the club for a good many years.

Then there are those fans who do make our club stand out. I remember taking a Premiership club supporting mate of mine to Bury away a few years ago. The folk who organised the 5 giant flags twirling behind the goal before kick off did a brilliant job. My mate had never seen so much colour and noise in the Premiership.

Last and what should not be least is the successor to the Trust. The Stockport County Supporters Co-Operative, find them Here. Did you know it’s membership stands at less than 200? I know there may be a hangover from the failure of the Trust but less than 200?

Dear me.

So why the reference to Exeter City and more specifically the Exeter City Trust?

The Exeter City Trust aims to own in excess of 75% of Exeter City Football Club shares. They say ‘To date, the Exeter City Supporters’ Trust possesses over 2750 active members, which makes us one of the largest Supporters’ Trust’s in the country.’

The 3 key aims of their trust are; Trust ownership, Financial Security and Community Club.

Currently the Exeter City Trust are the largest shareholder. They are independent of the football club but are running the club on behalf of the other shareholders.

So it CAN be done. Fans can come together and wield influence. Or even rescue a dying club.

Now, I believe our own Trust never got near the 2750 level, I think we may have peaked at just over a thousand and many members (myself included) joined, bought a badge and sat back. Job done.

There is clearly no shortage of passion and talent amongst our fan base but I would argue we need to come together under one banner, one movement and really get some momentum going.

From what I hear there are moves afoot to do just that, aided but a ghost from County past – Jim Gannon.

So keep the faith County fans far and wide and let me pop out this afternoon and see what’s in the Stockport Express.


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