Date: 19th March 2009 at 11:12am
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Stockport County, a football club owned by its own fans. Right? Welllll…..

Here is a communiqué from our new CEO, Sean Connolly, Official Announcement

So Sean has gagged official comment from the Club Board (he is CEO of course) but also The Trust board. Hang on, the Trust board? Pass that by me again…

‘Stockport County Chief Executive, Sean Connelly, feels that inaccurate speculation and rumour-mongering is causing the club great damage.And he has today, (Mar 18), imposed an embargo on official statements, from the County Board or the Trust Board, unless there is something concrete and positive to say.’

Now the sentiment of the statement is fine. Have we the figure in place, at Club board level, to sort this mess out, or, at the very least get the very best deal for Stockport County if we assume the Trust is in its last days? We may well have such a man at the helm of the club board but how can the CEO of the club dictate to the Trust board. The Trust board who represent us (Trust members) who are the owners of the club?

That can’t be right can it? The Trust board quite correctly, does not get itself involved in the day to day running of the business but there is a hierarchy here. We are the owners of the club. We have the ultimate sanction to remove members from the club board as I understand it.

And this leads me to question, just who wears the trousers around here? Is it in fact the Club Board and if so how long has this been the status quo? Have we been de facto privately owned for weeks.. months….longer?

The sad thing is we are finding out now, in the dog days of the Trusts involvement, and not 12 months ago say. No time to call a SGM and vote off Trust board members unwilling to shake the club board. No time to do anything really. Move along. Nothing to see.

Before I sign off and decide to visit every pub still open down Hillgate in an attempt to drown my frustration, I would like to thank those on the Trust who have worked hard for the good of the club. I think many members know who you are and there is a pint on the bar of the Blossoms waiting for you.

But until I reach an alcoholic equilibrium with the world I remain, Stockport County Trust member and patsy.

Let us see what tomorrow brings for our club.


3 Replies to “Stockport County. Who wears the trousers?”

  • It is not a question of who wears the trousers anymore, its now a question of whether we need to dig out our brown ones. Pray no Admin today (Friday) boys n gals!

  • Come on. According to my information SC has been on holiday for three weeks. I cannot believe that he has not known what is going on.

    Fine stop the rumours, I could not agree more. This week is supposed to be the week when “new investors” may join the Club. If negotiations are of a delicate nature then by all means keep silent.

    However our Club Chairman’s release of the “Police” situation and the possibility of the last home game of the season being played behind closed doors should in my opinion not have been made. I think this statement has had a damaging effect.

    So SC don’t blame the fans. To the fans I say get down to EP on Friday night and make it a night to remember. A crowd of 10,000 would be a fitting end to the home season.

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