Date: 26th March 2009 at 8:07am
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It would seem that the Stockport County masses are revolting. Walking through Cheadle Hulme yesterday I spied a sticker in a shop window.

Your Team, Your Town. Support Stockport County.

Well, hats off to the guys and gals behind all of this.

With three matches left the club need to get as many bums-on-seats as they can to inject that little bit of cash and this seems like a good initiative.

Well done the club… well not exactly. This initiative is most certainly not an official club initiative. It is a case of well done a supporter for putting his/her hand in the their pocket and making something happen.

I wonder if we will see posters, beer mats and other ‘media’ appear in a effort to spread the message?

*** Please note, sticking stickers and posters up throughout our fantastic town may only be done with the permission of the property owner. So no lamp posts as I think SMBC will not be pleased! ***

As ever stockport @ if you have any news to break or any burning issue you need to get off your chest!

Today could be a dramatic day (anyone sick of me saying this? I know I am) but I think it is very much a time now to come together, County fans worldwide, and unite as one.

‘Ol Pop


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  • I think I have woken up on the right side of the bed today. Get in! Come on Stopfordians, it is OUR team. Lets fill Edgeley Park to the seams for our last three matches.

    More of this stuff is what we need. Sick of faded blue and red in our town. Get Stockport County all over the borough, in everyones faces and promote!

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