Date: 1st March 2009 at 8:23pm
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OK… and so it begins.

I am aware that former MD and Yellow Block regular and undoubted County fan,Mark Maguire, is putting together a bid for Stockport County but now comes news of a rival consortium.

Led by lifelong County fan and former club director and Vice President Lord Peter Snape, the consortium includes former Club Chairman Brendan Ellwood and other local business people.

Lord Snape said today, Sunday March 1st.

‘We are determined to make every effort to save Stockport County Football Club, are horrified at the plight the club faces and feel that a completely fresh start is needed. The thought of the club ownership passing into the hands of those responsible for the financial mess now apparent to us all is ludicrous. We call on all County supporters to join us in ensuring that our club is run by those competent to manage its affairs and to see that any future business model is soundly and sensibly based.

It is vital, in our view for the current arrangements between the Football Club and Cheshire Sports to be set aside and a sensible agreement to be concluded which guarantees the future of Stockport County. We therefore call upon Mr Brian Kennedy to give us a commitment to enter into negotiations with our representatives in order that such a conclusion be reached so that suitable financial arrangements can be put in place as quickly as possible. Without such agreement we cannot see how Stockport County Football Club can continue to exist.

We further call upon the Stockport County Trust to vote to relinquish ownership of the Club and the current Stockport County Board to resign when ownership has been relinquished. We are prepared to see the Trust elect one of their members to any new Board of Directors.

We are conscious of our Club’s achievements in its 125 years existence. If Stockport County is to continue all of us as well as the owners of Cheshire Sports must work towards a sensible and viable solution.’


So, Brendon Elwood back at EP. I know as many people who applaud what he achieved at County as those who blame him for the ness we are in now.


What are you throughts? Register, sign up and leave you comments on the font page or get stuck in and sound of in the forum. Now, more than ever County fans need to come together and find out just what are the alternatives to the Trust, or whether a Trust run with perhaps different people at the helm is still the right way forward.

f course it has to be remembered that a ‘super-majority’ of Trust members votes i.e. 75% plus, are needed to carry any motion that involves selling some or all of the Trusts stake in the club. The Trust current stake is I think around the 98% mark.

As soon as I can get any detail of Mark Maguire’s consortium OR of a rumoured third consortium I will let you know.

One thing is for certain, the sound of rattling buckets outside EP means that time is running out for some one to pay the piper lest we lose Stockport County forever…

Ol Pop


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  • Got to get behind the good lord after that rousing speech…..Hope he is successful. Got to keep clubs out of the hands of the parasites.

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