Date: 26th December 2009 at 10:24pm
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County whimpered to a crushing 4-1 defeat today at MK Franchise, making it ten defeats in a row – an almost certain defeat to Leeds on Monday equalling our worst ever run of form.

It was the same old story with County, PLENTY of possession but nothing created, sloppy mistakes and lack of fight away from home causing our downfall. Four strikes of real quality from Franchise to be fair, but the nine games before this would back up my point!

Jason Puncheon times two, former County striker Jermaine Easter and on-loan West Ham midfielder Nigel Quashie sealed the win for MK, while Peter Thompson scored a breath-taking 6th goal in 50 appearances for the Hatters. Wow.

Apparently a take-over from the Melrose Consortium will finally happen on the 14th of January, and from my point of view we should start building for League 2. If Gary Ablett’s going to walk (and we surely can’t blame him), then walk. But if he’s going to stay, he needs to show a bit more passion on the sidelines and really make a fist of it. Sure, he may have been misled by Mr Melrose into thinking we’d be out of admin now with a fairly strong team, but like I said, if he wants to walk, he should respectfully walk and let another manager have a go.

If Melrose is going to take-over, we need to build a strong campaign building for League Two with good season ticket deals, plenty of advertisement to bring back in stay-away fans, and EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED IN THE LAST REGIME TO WALK AWAY. Only then can we re-build.

If Ablett is to stay, let’s see what he can do in terms of attracting players and building his own team that doesn’t include 7 or 8 youngsters, and let’s make a god go of it in League 2. If not, bring in a proven manager at that level and the same can then apply.

Because the way many of us see it, we’re done in League One. For probably the foreseeable future. There’s never been anything more certain than Leeds giving us a battering on Monday, and it shouldn’t be like that. We gave them a proper good game at EP last season with a proper team, circumstances have dictated otherwis this time.

Please County, let’s bow out with some dignity in tact and build again in League 2.

Come on County.


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  • Administration. It’s completely torn the soul from our club, no assets, youth team players, not enough subs, can’t afford ice-packs or energy drinks for players on match-days etc. If we get ANYTHING from the game other than a pasting I’ll bare my arse in Burton windows.

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