Date: 25th June 2015 at 10:06am
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Yesterday evening, Stockport MBC voted unanimously to purchase Edgeley Park.

County are the tenants and will pay rent.

‘This is a genuinely commercial arrangement which would enable the establishment of a landlord-tenant relationship between the Council and Stockport County Football Club. Wednesday`s decision would be to purchase a land asset on a cost neutral basis and will therefore not cost Council Tax Payers a penny.’

This is a massive moment in the club’s recent history and I just hope that something like the Stockport County Supporters Co-operative Guardian Fund over time will be able to purchase the ground back from the Council.

To be clear, this means the Supporters Co-op could own the ground one day and NOT the club, meaning the club would not be attractive to the wrong sort of new owner who wanted to either irresponsibly borrow against Edgeley Park or even demolish it for housing for example.

The ground would be owned by the fans.

Anyway, that sort of vision is years off but if you like the sound of it and haven’t already joined the supporters Co-op please join the co-op!

The clubs official statement on this momentous decision says it all really.

Official Statement

I think there is a duty for every County fan to put to bed the notion the club have been ‘bailed out’ by the council. Or that Council Tax payers money is being used / wasted.

Anytime that sort of statement comes up, in the pub or in print we need to make it clear:

‘…the Council and the people of Stockport, have gained a valuable and iconic asset with a guaranteed financial return at no cost to the taxpayers’

Should Cheshire Sports take some credit here also? Brian Kennedy could have sold to a developer I guess and made a few more quid?

Anyone know differently please comment!

And so with this huge monkey of our back we can now think about football !

A long road back to the Football League begins but it does seem like County are finally,really on the up!

I O County


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  • I think this is almost like the re-birth of the club. And we can now all talk about the new gaffer and the new players and our no-holds barred get-out-of-this-league campaign!

    Really looking forward to this new season now!

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