Date: 25th June 2012 at 1:20pm
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With pre-season training starting on Monday, the future of three players are in the spotlight at Stockport. Towards the later part of the season Jim made it clear that Holden, Routledge and McConville were not part of his plans for the remainder of the season. Sean McConville was sent on loan to Rochdale of which he ended the season on a high with, John Routledge was sent back to Scotland to Hamilton and Euan Holden saw his place taken by Sean Newton.

With this in mind what is the future for these players, as the platters didn’t have much of a part in the later part of last season is this the end of the players dealings with County? The problem County faces that the three players have one more year left on their footballing contracts, this measn that if County were to release any of the three players they are liable to compensation from The Hatters.

So with this in mind do you think Jim will keep the three? Personally I feel that John Routledge as well as Sean McConville will leave the club in the near future as both players on on high wages compared to the retained players of late. I feel that Euan Holden still has a future at County but possibly on the left wing and not in the left back position.

What are your thoughts?


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  • McConville is a decent player at this and L2 level, maybe L1. I dont blame any player for trying to better himself and trying to increase his wages just like we all do. But what I do expect from any County player while he is at the club is to give his all. I never felt that he did for County and I resent that. So as such the sooner he goes the better. Routledge didnt impress me really and he is too expensive to keep so I say find the cheapest way of moving him on. Holden although I dont rate him highly he did put in a shift when he played and he could provide cover for us on the left but at what cost in wages. Jim has already proved that there are good young players out there in the lower leagues just looking for the opportunity to prove themselves at a club like County. To begin with they will come in at vastly reduced costs until such times as they develop into a quality player at which time we then have a saleable asset

  • At the risk of sounding even more boring than I usually do I see it the same way NE. And ed, I would keep Holden at a pinch, again, watching the wages paid though.

  • Would to cast an opinion but as I am not a regular Edgeley Park attendee I feel like I don’t qualify so will leave it up to you guys.

  • Season tickets booked, Sat Nav updated, the cars been serviced, the shirt and scarf have been washed and ironed. All we need now is the fixtures, roll on Monday. C’mon County.

  • I’m a new joiner to the Forum. In exile in the SE since 96; first went to County in the mid 70s, and these days get to away fixtures when I can. Looking forward to the fixture list to see the games I can get do near home. Hayes and Yeading was my nearest team last year – and I went!! – but they are no more.

  • Get rid of all 3 and I might just make an appearance next season, just to buy cropped and vicman a pint. Roll on next season with a couple more new signings.

  • Just seen on cows that tunniclffe has returned, always rated him things look like they are on the move

  • Welcome Hants Hatter. Great to have you on board. New blood always welcome (email the ed if anyone is having trouble registering by the way). I know of a Hatter who travels up from Hants and sups in the Armoury after games. Are you that Hants Hatter?

  • ..and MA. Beers on me! Hope you can meet up. Local lad – that is great news. Tunnicliffe is far better than Conference standard. What an asset to the club. Beginning to dream of a play-off position now.

  • Hi, Cropped. What – two Hants Hatters??!! Not me in the Armoury – nothing against it, though! Usually the Bobby or the Royal Oak when I get back to Edgeley. I’m feeling more positive about next season. Let’s hope Jim can work his magic again.

  • Hi Hants – you have a compardre who travels from the Ringwood (I think) area by train for home games. Absolute hero. Jim’s magic is being felt I think. We will have a decent season for sure. Who needs Mourinho when we’ve got Jimbo?

  • The pieces if the jig saw are coming together very nicely and the Buzz feels like 2008. This will be the first time we’ve had a competitive and match fit side start the season for 3 years, with tunnicliffe back I’ve just got a good feeling about this Season.
    Come on the COUNTY !!!!!!

  • I am really surprised to see Tunny back. I too always rated him and thought that he would rise to a much higher level. I am really pleased he is back though, what a capture. Like you all I am getting really excited about the forthcoming season. Having said that, I dont want to put a damper on things but I think we must temper our expectations. I have total faith in Jim Gannon and I have absolutely no doubt that he will lead us back to the football league and on to greater things. But this is a very young team of players, not yet fully developed. We may not see the best of some of these players for a season or two. What I dont want to see is people drifting away from EP because their expectations have not been met. If we do push for promotion great but after the last few years a comfortable position without having to look over our shoulders will do me next season. Sorry to sound like an old sourpuss. By the way, we travel to every game home and away from Northamptonshire and Warwickshire and we usually have 1 sometimes 2 spaces free if thats any use to anyone.

  • NE. you’re not putting a dampener on it I think like the rest of us you’re being realistic. I think a lot of us are happy to see that for the first time in 3 seasons we are starting to believe we are in with a fighting chance of achieving something over the next couple of years, purely because we have a man at the helm who totally believes in the football club and also knows that the fans behind him are aware of this fact. I for one believe that Jimbo is not using the club as a stepping stone to greater things. If he does succeed and progresses further up the managerial ladder then good luck to him but I don’t believe that this is his motive.
    As stated elsewhere on this board the pieces are coming together nicely and I’m chuffed to bits that Tunny’s back.
    The vibes are good just now just waiting for Monday and the fixture list. Any bets on the first fixture being at home?.

  • How about Hyde Utd or Macclesfield away as we never seem to kick off at home these days.

  • Agree with you vicman I think Jimbo is in for the long haul for all the right reasons. Would be nice to set the ball rolling (pun intended) with a home game, a win, a good crowd with eardrum bursting crescendo of support

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