Date: 23rd May 2012 at 5:16pm
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Stockport County can today confirm that striker Tom Elliott will be joining Blue Square Premier side Cambridge FC.

Tom Elliott signed for The Hatters last campaign under Didi Hamman and started the season well scoring several goals. Tom’s form soon took a downward spiral towards the end of Hamman’s tenure but following the return of Jim he looked to improve in every way shape and form.

Elliott has had a lot of stick from some fans last campaign but I am sure some fans will feel very bitter ahead of Elliott’s move down South. Stockport County FC did offer Tom a improved contract offer for a further year to enhance his abilities under the guidance of Jim, but this is something he did not want to take up and following this he is now a Cambridge FC player as of the 1st of July.

James Gannon is not too happy about Tom and this is what he has had to say: ‘I’m a little disappointed to have lost Tom, we had done everything in our powers to ensure he stayed. We offered him a contract back in early March with a substantial rise in wages and additional financial benefits, but unfortunately he chose to run his contract down and sign for another team. Despite our tight financial circumstances we offered Tom a very good deal and more importantly football wise I felt we offered him the perfect environment to further enhance himself. I would have liked a further chance to sit down with Tom and discuss his future at the Club but he had made his mind up to leave after his meeting down at Cambridge United FC’

‘On reflection I am grateful for the good work that Tom did during the season, and the part he played in our great finish. Looking at Tom’s career prior to coming here it is clear that this Club has done great for him. I placed a lot of faith in Tom and we have worked hard to improve his fitness, athletic ability and understanding of the game and we have all seen the improvements. Until he came here he had really established himself as a main striker but I would like to think that we as a club gave Tom a real chance to shine and develop as a player.’

Do you think Tom has done the dirty to Jim and the club following his departure from the club?

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4 Replies to “Tom Elliott Joins Cambridge”

  • You little ***** Elliott. After we had stood by you. Never rated you, thought you were no better than a young sub ready for the bench. Right Jim go and get MATT PATERSON he is now a free agent from Southend!!

  • JG clearly saw something in him and he is rarely wrong when it comes to young players (apart from thompson, but you cant get it right all the time). Elliott’s form improved dramatically after the arrival of JG. However there are strikers and there are forwards. Elliott is a forward he will never get you a bag full of goals he does not have a natural instinct for scoring, like a striker does. Now Danny Hattersly shows that instinct. Nevertheless your strikers often get even more goals when they have good forwards around them. I wish him all the best (apart from when he plays us) I think he realised that he would probably be spending more time on the bench next season. At the end of the day he has to do what he thinks is best for his future carreer just like we all do in our various jobs.

  • Feel personally snubbed after supporting the lad. IF he has been offered much better money then fine – most of us would swap jobs if we had for example a job offer with a 25% rise. Nevertheless, he was one player I wanted to see blossom under Jim. From Ronaldo moving onto better things at Real to Elliott jumping ship – there ain’t much loyalty these days.

  • The only loyalty these days comes from the fans. I have to say good luck to the lad, a bit of a surprise but as NE says if there’s a better opportunity around the corner we’d all take it. Jim sounds like he’s p*ssed off about it.

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