Date: 10th December 2011 at 4:09pm
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HT Score County 1 Stalybridge 2

Scorer: Elliot, McConville


3 Replies to “UPDATE: Stockport County 2 Celtic 2”

  • Decided not to waste the best part of £40 travelling up to Edgeley and went to watch Northwich Vics my local team take on Fleetwood instead.

    Oh dear, what a pleasant surprise ? honest endeavour from a team half of which are part time and don?t have private plates on their Mercs!!! The vics may not be the classiest football outfit in the lower leagues but they are full of effort and guts and made monkeys out of Fleetwood in the second half. What a contrast to that bunch of idle non committed half whits at County. If County win their replay against Celtic I really hope they draw Northwich ? they may learn a thing or two and be humbled in the process.

    Mr Gannon ? sack McStay and get Preece in as your number 2, sack the entire first team and make them go part time and you may start getting results.

    So sad to see just how far County have dropped down the football pecking order while teams like Northwich can turn over a team that?s at the top of our league ? utterly pathetic!!

    Thanks to Messrs Elwood, Kennedy, SMBC et al!

  • Rylester, fantastic post. Agree with every last letter. I think we will be going along those lines with Jim. He sees what we see. Still think we will stay up but the side next season will be unrecognisable from the bunch of wasters we have now (with the odd exception)

  • Agree with both of you. This squad needs to be shown the door, there’s only half a dozen that I would keep. JG must bring in the right calibre of player in January, this club’s future is based on his decisions at that time.

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