Date: 22nd April 2011 at 8:30pm
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OK, so I did a quick update a few days ago – VERY quick as it turned out to be. As I said in that article, I’ve had no Internet connection over the past few days and it has literally only just been properly fixed. I know there’s been a lack of articles this past week or so, and I fully apologise on behalf of the site.

The connection problems were genuine and unfixable up until just now, and I can promise that there will be regular and daily articles on Vital Stockport for you all from now on as our beloved club tries to battle back from our impending relegation into non-league.

And for those of you asking whether Vital Stockport will continue or whether it will cease to exist once we drop into the Blue Square Premier…I really don’t know as of yet.

As soon as I know ANYTHING, I’ll let you all know!


5 Replies to “Vital Stockport – Apology”

  • Welcome back Edd. I do hope that we are able to keep this site going for the County. Perhaps we could join the Darlington and Grimsby’s under other leagues. I look forward to your response.

  • The site will be more than welcome to continue on the Vital Network, I’d be more gutted if it didn’t continue. Good luck with the rest of the season.

  • I think I have said this before, but this site must continue. It is a small example of the heart beat of our club. We need to hear from County fans far and wide and stick together. I think we need to ********ise a Churchillian phrase here – “BSP – Its not the end. Its not even the beginning of the end but its the beginning of the rebirth of Stockport County. Or something. What I want to hear PDQ is some action at boardroom level. Either a new lot in or significant monies in. I went past Dumplington yesterday and one side of the new Salford Reds stand looks to be nearing completion. If as many suspect, Sale Cuckoos fly the EP nest and go there then will our Council help SCFC to continue playing at EP and buy the ground from Mr Kennedy?

  • Knowing Stockport Council, we’ve more chance of getting ***** out of a rocking horse, no profit, not interested, (sorry to be defeatest)

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