Date: 28th June 2010 at 6:10pm
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Peter Ward and Alan Lord today took a limited County squad for their first pre-season training session at Manor Farm.

The squad of nine contracted players were joined by the youth team squad as Ward and Lord guided them through the session.

And considering some people on a certain yellow messageboard are keen to point out that this site only deals with conjecture and fabrication, I’ll just stick to what we know and not allude to what this may mean, eh?!

So basically there you go, the only FACTS we have at the moment is that Jim Gannon’s assistant Peter Ward and member of his coaching staff at both Edgeley Park and then Motherwell in Alan Lord took the County boys for their first training session today while the new owners are yet to appoint a new manager in the place of Gary Ablett, and secondly that club physio Rodger Wylde has NOT left the club at the time of writing.

You can draw your own conclusions from this.

That will be all for now!


6 Replies to “Ward & Lord Take County’s First Training Session..”

  • Well, I think Jims appointment nex week is the worst kept secret in football right now. Great news about Rodger Wylde as well – hope he is part of our future too! Welcome back Wardy and Lordy… two thirds of the holy trinitiy!

  • Slowly but oh so slowly the jigsaw is coming togetther but time is tight, we need friendlies and a few more players to make up a squad, with Wardy and Lordy back in situ Jim is just a matter of time. 39 days and counting.

  • whilst this is all very promising I won’t believe anything about Jimbo coming back ’till I hear it ‘from the horses mouth’ as it were…..I understand that the personal issues have taken precedence over football (and quite right too) but look forward to confirmation of who our new manager is – hopefully it is Jim……

  • I hope there is no knock on effect for the youth team & younger lads there, Mick Wiblin has some really good young lads there, waiting to come through. Now Craig Madden has left, i hope the door is still open for Wiblins lads.

  • Aqua, totally agree. Essential the flow of talent from the youth team is not interrupted. Seems to me County have done pretty well getting kids through into the first team and then on for decent money. Madness to disturb this process. Did someone mention Tom Bennett stepping into Madden’s shoes?

  • I agree some of the talent that the u16’s/ youth team have at the moment is great, fingers crossed they get a fair crack of the whip! makes sense seen as though the club are skint!

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