Date: 10th March 2009 at 2:01pm
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Will Stockport Council weigh in and help Stockport County Football Club? Are they helping now? In fact have they ever helped?

I do not know the answers to any of the above so I kinda have a hunch that what help the Council have offered in the past has not amounted to much.

(Now before I plough on let me say that if you are a representative of Stockport M.B.C. and you think anything in this article is unfair please feel free to mail me at stockport and I will publish your rebuttal. We can talk about my weekly rubbish collection in another email)

OK, where was I? Oh yes. Have the council helped the football club? Listening to the general grumblings from fellow fans you would think that the Council is run by either a load of City fans or a load of Johnny-come-lately Sale fans or just folks who do not give a damn about football in general. You know what? I am going to agree with that sentiment.

Was it not the case that our Council leader wore his City tie in and around the borough. Have some respect sir!

The council should be very concerned about losing a football league club that ensures the name of the town gets in front of peoples faces via newsprint on a weekly basis and in their lug holes on a Saturday. How much would this cost in TV and newspaper ads. The club is of course an employer in the town and the loss of football related revenue on Castle Street and in the surrounding pubs is going to dent the local economy.

Does this seem right? If only one in 5 County fans currently attend matches then we have 25,000 County fans in the borough. Given the apathy that surrounds local elections then surely that size of block vote must be listened to?

Lets test the water and see if we can bend the councils ear then….

Please visit
and sign the petition.

Once again, if you are reading this and work for SMBC and feel it is unfair then mail me and tell me just what the council does for the team that carries the towns name. OK I promise not to mention my bins

Ol POp


2 Replies to “Will Stockport Council Help?”

  • i really cant see them helping knowing stockport council,i wish you all the best though as a nice boost would get you promotion.

  • totally agree people power is the thing to alarm the local council, that said… we all know what councillors are like, is there enough self interest for them? Doubt it, which is short sighted as they could be the knights in shining armour. Good luck Stockport, looking forward to my next trip to Edgely Park so hope you can get sorted very soon!

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