Date: 25th June 2010 at 3:19pm
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Fancy getting your hands on a free season ticket to watch all 23 of County’s home games this season coming up?

Similar to the CountyUnite scheme for a free Xbox 360, all you need to do to is text in with the lowest unique bid and you win a free season ticket for the 2010/11 season.

This is NOT a CountyUnite scheme. This is simply ran by County, and all funds raised go to County.

So all you do is text to 82055, with the word ‘County’ followed by a space and your bid in pence.

For example, if I text ‘County 234’ I would be bidding £2.34.

Even if you’ve already paid for your season ticket, your money will be reimbursed by the club if you win with the lowest bid.

Thanks to Mark White, Rob Reckless and Mr Reckless Snr for donating the service from the website which they run ‘’ to the new owners.

The cost of texting is £2.50 plus your standard network rate. Pretty cheap for the cost of a season ticket!

Also remember, that what you actually bid is not what you pay. it’s just a method of deciding the winner – all you pay is the £2.50 charge and the standard network rate for texting.


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  • Great gesture by Mssrs Reckless, Reckless and White. This is what is needed – fans getting stuck in and help building our club! Really feel the future is quite bright. All we need now is a manager and a team!

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