Date: 22nd July 2017 at 11:33am
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Deep into County`s pre-season, and following a severe test from
Championship contenders Preston North end , just 3 days earlier, which they
had passed with honours, it was time for JG to ring the changes and dig
deeper into his squad and beyond for the visit to Ashton United.

There were 9 changes to the blues starting 11 against the Evo Stik Premier
side which made for maximum interest if not the same level of cohesion.

They did well enough though, particularly in the opening half hour or so,
but whilst the defence was pretty solid, and my M.O.M Scott Duxbury found
time to get forward frequently and to excellent effect , combining neatly
with Adam Thomas , there was never enough sharpness in the final third from
County`s forward`s to sufficiently discomfort a home back line marshalled
bravely by Aaron Chalmers.

I thought that Adam Etches looked lively, and along with George West worked
hard, but the forwards generally struggled to make an impression , and
George really should have done better with the late penalty!

Elsewhere ?..Winter again looked solid in front of a compact back four, and
Tom Whitty looked in good nick, but I was disappointed with Harry Brazel`s
input. Apart from the earliest of introductory tackles ( which maybe set
the tone for the referee`s `interesting` decision making thereafter) Harry
tended to run into trouble ,missing in the process a real chance to impress.

From the outset then, with both defences on their metal ,this one always
looked like a game in which one goal would decide it ,and that`s just how
it shaked down, in a tale of two penalty`s- one converted by Alex Johnson
for United, the other for County ??not!

Back to 7.45 the match got underway on time in front of another decent
pre-season gate.

After Brazel had introduced himself to John Pritchard, County went onto the
attack ,and from the off it was apparent that Duxbury was in prime form,
linking up first with Thomas then West to push our hosts back on their
heels. West`s early energy won a corner, then another, and for a time it
looked on for an early blue opener, until home keeper Dave Carnell, who had
a decent game, introduced an element of realism to events with a cool catch
under pressure.

Josh Strachin made it to the by-line , before Smalley intervened to spoil
his fun, but still the early action was to my left where Carnell had to
dash out at an alarming rate of knots to prevent West from snatching an
opener, seconds before the young forward to reach Duxbury`s party

Duxbury was on fire and Carnell was in action again shortly after keeping
Scott`s shot out as County sniffed on for that decisive goal.

The County pressure continued to mount and a goal looked the likely outcome
sooner or later, but despite a neat cooperation twixt Duxbury and Thomas ,
it stayed 0-0 as Carnell again did his job to keep Adam`s shot on the turn

It was Ian Ormson`s turn to get involved next ,and Ian`s distribution was
again excellent last night, an early long one from him bouncing once in
front of the United box where Carnell had advanced beyond to head clear a
split second before West could claim the ball. Panic ensued for a moment or
three from Ashton and with Thomas latching onto the loose ball , he was
fouled. Thomas took the free kick from this but hit the wall, for Winter to
shoot wide from the follow-up.

O`Halloran was a steadying influence at the back and he was producing some
tidy passes too and one such saw West volley the ball inches over. Then
Thomas had another run cut short by good work from John Roberts, and over
all I was fairly pleased with the opening 20 minutes, apart from the total
absence of a goal.

It went on?..Chalmers doing just enough to ensure Thomas`s shot was not too
testing for Carnell to handle. Shortly after Minihan joined in with a run
and cross that again required work from the keeper and Carnell`s punch out
was once more just what was required of him.

Ashton rallied after this and for 3 or 4 minutes County had some work to
do at the back, but this period passed without alarm.

Beyond the half hour mark County re-doubled their attacking efforts
Etchells just missing out thanks to more keen work from Carnell, after
Duxbury and Thomas had again linked up to good effect.

Twice after this, West was into and then out of decent positions, unlucky
with an offside flag on one occasion and just unlucky on the other after
combining nicely with Thomas.

The last 2 or three minutes of the half saw the action change ends with
County defending, with United attempting to profit from corners and free
kicks. Johnson and Gylmah did most of the running in this period ,but
Ormson`s goal never really looked seriously under threat throughout.

The second half opened with Brazel firing over the top after good work by
Etches, and former Hatter Tom Eckersley replying for Ashton, thwarted by
Smalley`s alert response.

On it went, and Etches looked to be warming up nicely now and I was not
alone in thinking `penalty` when he and Chalmers came together in the box.
The referee was nearby but his Pontious Pilate impressions impressed no one
as he waved play on. We got a corner from it, but Pritchard cleared this
and Thomas`s follow up attempts to reach Minihan`s cross came to nought in
the crowded box.

Minihan again pushed on within a minute of that last action, but despite
desperate attempts no one in blue could apply a finish to his cross.

It was time then for Ormson to shine, and he did well to dive to his right
to make a one handed save thwarting Johnson.

County replied but Etches was unlucky with a probing run down the right-
O`Halloran being similarly blessed ?his follow up header rising over the

I was still not greatly troubled?OK?.a 0-0 draw looked to be not an
unlikely prospect?..but there was still time to change that, but West`s
effort was inches away after more excellent work from Duxbury. Duxbury
continued to impress?.again pushing County forward, his cross reaching
Winter but nullified by terrific defending from Eckersley.

Both teams rang the changes at this point?County swapping Etches for Jordan
Downing, whilst Ashton made 5 changes.

The new faces seemed to invigorate the home side and twice in rapid order
Johnson went close, being kept at bay the second time by good work by

County responded, and Minihan was unlucky to watch the keeper tip his
effort over the bar at the last gasp, and Duxbury saw his shot saved coolly
not long afterwards.

We were beyond the hour mark now, and Jordan Peach was on now in place of Tom
Whitty, as I looked round to see Chalmers just do enough to block West`s
run into the last third. West was trying hard, but just could not beat the
keeper who again did the biz to deny him with 20 minutes left.

Thomas and Minihan then gave way to Will Holt and Alex Johnson for County,
who almost immediately came under pressure. To be honest????….despite
Gyimah`s progress into the box, I was not unduly worried, until he elected
to take a well earned rest on the deck. OK?.. Duxbury`s after shave, I am
told, is strong stuff but surely not powerful enough to induce this
reaction. Nevertheless ?down he went?I swear the referee`s finger was
pointing to the spot before the player plummeted to earth?no matter it was
a ( cheeky) penalty.

Up stepped Johnson hitting the ball to Ormson`s right?..Ian dived right and
got to it, but could but parry it, for the kicker to follow up and slam the
ball home.

County were one down and now had a small mountain to clamber up to get back
to parity, and only 15 minutes in which to don the crampons and clamber
back up the metaphoric slope.

Then?.dear reader?.imagine ,if you would, my feelings of total scorn for
Referee and player as , within 60 seconds Gyimah`s unsteady pegs let him
down again? the box of course ?.but with no one within sniffing
distance! The referee surely wasn`t tempted by this act of sheer
vaudevillian audacity?.no??but was he tempted to wonder about his previous
decision ( probably not)?anyway?no penalty was awarded this time, Gyimah
meanwhile might usefully visit a podiatrist!

Back came County after this nonsense- Duxbury pushing on again but dished
by last ditch work from Pritchard.

West went close with a left footed strike, and Duxbury was upended in the
box( no penalty apparently), but although West was working hard, County`s
passing was not as sharp at this point on occasions as it might be.

A little luck would have been handy as well, and with about 6 minutes left
we seemed to cop for some. Will Holt opened the home defence up with a good
cross , but when Duxbury advanced to meet it he was halted by a meaty body
check. The referee pointed to the spot and now surely it would be 1-1!

Well?.that was my thinking, but when West stepped up to take it, the
trialist keeper dived to push the ball onto a post. There was still plenty
of opportunity for it to be 1-1, except that, with time to spare, West
blazed a poor effort onto the bar.

It stayed 1-0 to Ashton therefore, and with the home side attacking for
much of what time remained, that was how it finished.

[ Pictures from the game here! ]

Ashton United line up:
Carnell, Cod, Pritchard, Eckersley, Chalmers, Roberts, Tomsett, Stachin,
Kay, Johnson, De Silva.

Substitutes used
Trialist Keeper, Gyimah, Dake, Woodward, Smith, Lees.

Stockport County line up:
Ormson, Minihan ( Holt 73), Smalley, O`Halloran, Duxbury, Winter, Etches (
Downing 58), Whitty ( Peach 64), Thomas( Jackson 73), Brazel, West.

Attendance 377

Ian Brown