Stockport County – will there be a takeover in 2019?

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The jungle drums are beating again.

That well-worn “County takeover” rumour is back in circulation. Chinese consortium? Belgian international footballer?  A consortium of Castle Street publicans?

Someone or some group are going to take over County, wipe any debts, invest in both the playing side and the stadium, keep Jim Gannon and see us power our way back to the Football League.

Or, according to ‘half-empty’ rumour merchants, the new ‘lot’ are going to replace Gannon, build a new soulless flatpack stadium in a deal with the Council that sees Edgeley Park bulldozed for affordable housing.

Mixing very occasionally as I do, with certain self-proclaimed ‘in-the-know’, nudge-nudge, wink-wink types who can’t tell you the details but can drop heavy hints here and there, does lead to a view of reality that is way off-beam.  It also gives me a chance to test the new poll vote … ‘cos we will all need some practice in this area ahead of next month.

Oh joy.

County takeover in 2019.

Yes, it is finally going to happen

Yes, it is finally going to happen

Pull the other one. Nothing to see here. Move along

Pull the other one. Nothing to see here. Move along

Let me know whether you think this is all a load of bunkum or whether County are really going to move into a new world………. for better or for worse.


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Caretaker editor


  • David.tidswell says:

    I was speaking to this man outside a sweet shop in Cheadle. He said God has always believed in me and always will. I tried back in 2015 to be a football chairman and I could of definitely done it. He also said I’m a local lad and I’m going in to Edgeley Park on some day this week and I’m going to make sure there are some changes on the pitch. I said good luck and he gave me a fist pump. Is it true. Please leave a comment

  • cropped says:

    Well David, that seems as good a contender for any takeover rumour I’ve heard!

  • Teacee says:

    there aren’t any sweet shops left in Cheadle . Obviously the rest of it could be true.

  • Cropped says:

    Well… it has happened. And on the face of it, this looks like very good news. Just hope I am not looking back at this in 5 years and thinking “if only we know what we know now”.
    Naaah…. this IS good news!

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