Date: 29th February 2012 at 10:47pm
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Saturday`s final whistle marked a surprise win for County following their 1-0 home victory against promotion chasing Wrexham. But following the game several Wrexham fans claim that they were ‘badly treated` by Greater Manchester Police.

1400 Wrexham fans were asked to leave the ground via the score board end of the ground but this seemed to create problems on the street of Hardcastle Road with police officers having to fend of angry fans from North Wales.

Tactical Aid offers are being accused by The Wrexham supporters of harassment following Stockport`s victory, Greater Manchester Police have defended their selves against this simply stating that they were avoiding a large scale problem in a confined area.

Some County officials were baffled by the choice by League officials and Greater Manchester Police to make last Saturdays game a Category C game for which the police to attend, this is the highest a Blue Square Premier League game can reach. Some fans has also questioned the need for so many policing officials this season following police horses and Tactical Aid Units turning up on several occasions this season.

Greater Manchester police have stated: Chief Insp Leon Jacobs, of GMP, said: ‘Officers faced a very challenging day, with large numbers of identified risk supporters from both Stockport County and Wrexham present. ‘We implemented a robust operation that enabled us to keep both Wrexham and Stockport fans safe while they made their way to and from the football ground. ‘Our focus was very much on those individuals we believed were intent on causing public disorder.”

Here is a video link to the suggested harassment suggested by The Wrexham Supporters: