Date: 8th March 2010 at 6:39pm
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Well, it wasn’t going to last long was it? Barry Fry, the interfering director person guy. Darragh MacAnthony, the rich owner (AKA 2nd interfering person guy.)

And Jim Gannon. Stubborn (genius) manager.

Recipe for disaster at Peterborough Utd, all us County fans knew it and it appears Jimbo is running out of patience with his esteemed employers in the Posh boardroom.

His side went down 1-0 to Coventry on Saturday, and Gannon, well…exploded. In the way we all used to know and love of the big man.

‘The honeymoon period is over and I am seeing the brutal reality of this club’.

‘It is a massive job and a massive challenge and I need to have a long conversation with the chairman about his ambitions for the club.’

And it sounds like his short-term contract – until the end of the season – won’t be extended any time soon…

‘I need to know the remit for the remainder of this season and what he (MacAnthony) wants to achieve in the future.’

‘Once I know all of that, I will be fully informed to make a decision, but it won’t be an easy one.’

Trouble in Paradise…

It’s unfortunate for Peterborough and their fans, as they had (past tense, I can’t see him sticking around) a really brilliant manager there and could have gone a long way with him at the helm. Give him time to bring in some quality young players, build his own squad without ANY interference from directors etc, and you’re onto a winner. But any signs of meddling and interfering with his business, and he’ll be off. Hopefully Peterborough can find themselves a quality young manager who can actually cope with the boardroom antics, because they’re a good club. Followed us around a bit recently as well. Good luck to ’em, but it doesn’t seem to be working with Jimbo there. Maybe he can’t handle it without Peter Ward and Alan Lord, his beloved backroom staff!

I’ve said it before many times, and I’ll say it again. Certain clubs and players/managers (in this case both) are suited to each other and can’t work properly without each other.

Gannon. And us.

(No disrespect to Gary Ablett at all of course. Ed.)